A Rare Paganish Prayer For A Friend

Im a huge fan of modern religions. Im a huge fan of studying the Nothing everything began from. The majorities of my studies show evidence the Nothing is not sentient. I fancy the “could be wrongs”. Due to that, you may have noticed, on my facebook profile, I felt religious comfort listing the “Nothing” asContinue reading “A Rare Paganish Prayer For A Friend”

Our Facebook Group Needs Admins

We are recruiting leaders for WLTOP’s facebook group. We want people that will contribute. Posts such as writing, pictures, videos, links, and love needed. Please be loving and avoid hate. Ill post a link to our group below. Leave a comment in the top announcement post about recruiting admins please. Thank you. WLTOP Facebook GroupContinue reading “Our Facebook Group Needs Admins”

Priests Want Prayers Too

Dear Heavenly Father and Ancestors Ive had my good moments and bad I put effort into the good and stumble into the bad You and your priests bring the best improvements in me Tonight my prayer is for your priests I pray you remember they are your children They were once in a cradle inContinue reading “Priests Want Prayers Too”

Being Safe Compared To Feeling Safe

Schitzophrenia LogDate: Older Than Cheddar My schitzophrenia did something good tonight It mentioned how people love church while their in it But outside of church We children of the oldest Are more shy Maybe even afraid We talk about church IN church Maybe we even talk about it to others who we know go toContinue reading “Being Safe Compared To Feeling Safe”

Christmas Is Near Song

Christmas is near Have some good cheer For every boy and girl Creator and creation What a sensation The love ever so eternal Be a friend Have no end Sharing the joy of our world Happiness for you Happiness for me Dancing around a christmas tree The oldest being the boldest The children with snowContinue reading “Christmas Is Near Song”

The Bible: A Fix For Enmity

Our Youth, The Bible, and Role Play A Lesson From A Creation I watched an ad the other day, where 2 men were video game dueling One said to the other“Bow before your God” Something role play and role playing video games has taught me Is that in stories,we try to place ourselves where weContinue reading “The Bible: A Fix For Enmity”

Truth Is Eternal And Why

One of the smartest things any religion has ever believed or said Hinduism:Truth is eternal Do you know why? In a place as magic , mysterious, and dangerous as outer space You gotta be truthful with yourself to survive To study, learn, and avoid harm We practice truth Think of it like a hole inContinue reading “Truth Is Eternal And Why”

Thank You To Government

Here at WLTOP we use our time to talk about love. Love for our family, but especially our oldest parents. I would like to thank a special group of our family, they deserve some love. So heres a big thank you to our government for how you have protected us from sickness and delivered economicContinue reading “Thank You To Government”