Update: New Social Icon In Menu “Spotify” Playlists

If you like music maybe you have peeked at our Sound Cloud social icon and gave the playlists a listen. To diversify our sharing we now have a Spotify social icon, featuring the “WLTOP Rock Party Playlist” with currently over 225 songs, from many artists, some male, some female, all awesome. Hope you like it,Continue reading “Update: New Social Icon In Menu “Spotify” Playlists”

Blog Post Header Images Resized

Resized the blog header images to fit for pc all the way left and right. It doesnt automatically change the old ones and it would take too long to go into the hundred blog posts already posted and redo the old ones. So basically this change will take effect for new blog posts. Including thisContinue reading “Blog Post Header Images Resized”

Sound Cloud Social Media Icon Added

Okay so sound cloud has been added to our social media icons list at the top of the site. Our reposted music (Basically playlists) is music groups of Christian, Jewish, Classical, Rock, Techno, Country, Jazz, and Nature. If youll enjoy any of that, please give it a listen. The sound cloud button is the iconContinue reading “Sound Cloud Social Media Icon Added”

Minor Updates, Including Pictures, Alignments, And Proof Reads

After I changed Word Press themes a long time ago the “Featured Image” function got disabled on our new theme, leaving quite a few pages with no describing image at the top of its page. Added images to all social links pages. Aligned texts and links on social links pages and book series pages. ChangedContinue reading “Minor Updates, Including Pictures, Alignments, And Proof Reads”

New Prayer Desktop Backgrounds

Added a few new prayer cards in the Christian and Judaism prayer card sections of our websites menu. I hope you enjoy them. Our facebook group for WLTOP is still recruiting admins. If you can contribute and want to be a leader, give a comment at the below link. Our Facebook Recruitment Topic If applyingContinue reading “New Prayer Desktop Backgrounds”

Buttered Teriyaki Cauliflower Yum

We have some new sub menu pages found under the “You Are Family” menu. One sub menu is “Vegans and Saints”. Its a page supporting healthy eating habits and is prolife towards our animal friends. On the page you can find vegetarian and vegan cooking recipes. Some of the links are for browser based sites,Continue reading “Buttered Teriyaki Cauliflower Yum”

New Page Divine Learning Game

I invented a card game a while back and posted it on facebook as a free idea for someone to make. I reinvented it as a similar game done with pad and pencil instead of cards. Its called “The Only Creation: Divine Learning Game”. If you would like to learn about this game and orContinue reading “New Page Divine Learning Game”

New Hindu Prayer Backgrounds

Hinduism is the worlds 3rd largest religion. This time I got our prayer art from their religious scriptures. I used a very nice artwork I found available for free as the background. From what I read it has the “Ohm” symbol on it, I believe thats a prayer related Hindu symbol. To support the artistContinue reading “New Hindu Prayer Backgrounds”