Charity Fundraisers

We Love The Oldest Parents is partnered with

The non-profits on Go Fund Me are actively fundraising for support, browse the list and choose whatever you have a passion for.

The donations you can make on those pages go directly to the non-profit, WLTOP does not receive and redistribute the funds.

WLTOP is supporting these fundraisers because they are related to family, love, hope, church, and our ancestors’ needy children.

Click Here For The Charity List

Another attempt to offer to you a good choice of place to donate is Children International.

Separate countries do not stop us from being family, and they sometimes cause us to be in situations where we need help from distant family.

Click Here To Help A Child In Difficulty Have Food And A Quality Of Life, Our Oldest Want For Us

Yannick Jesus is a WLTOP mentionable choice if you do not know exactly whom you are finding, Children International say he has been waiting over 200 days for help, and they asked us to tell you he is a good first choice to help.

Click Here To See More About Yannick Jesus

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