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I have a lot of free time, and in some of it I am investing into a hobby of making a free retro style RPG.

The game is educational upon all religions, is WLTOP based, and is an RPG following the most popular religions, enjoyed in a mostly fantasy setting.

“Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”
Free RPG

Four youths, two brothers, and two sisters, go on an adventure to learn more about the Creator and First Creation. They must survive violent monsters, strategically planning combat, and having the wisdom of passion to walk the paths towards the truth. They wish to save the dying world, and as so, life. They will visit many different shrines to the world’s most popular religions, trying to take any valuable help from each that they can, in an effort to become smart enough to be true heroes, and find a fix for the destruction that is slowly eroding at peace and prosperity. It is not completely in their minds to believe everything, instead they believe what their instincts allow, each trusting what they feel is perfect. The one belief that all four of the youths have the same, is that Everything began from Nothing, and then a life began, their Creator, whom they are desperately seeking to request help fixing death, violence, and hate.

Available Classes

Warrior, Mage, Priest, Archer, Rogue, Paladin, Druid, and Time Sage.

Religions and Shrines Featured in OOP:TOFS

(Starter) Oldest Parents


(Ending) The Nothing and The Oldest Parents Shrine

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