Heaven And Flat Earth

What was Nothing, became space.

As it grew it tore, creating a tare, and as such, it leaked a fluid, this fluid fell into open space, and created a 2nd tare.

All of these pulled on each other, like a rubber band, until the liquid was solid, and hard, harder than any rock.

At the center of this solid matter, was left acid and base, which ignited from friction, and it began to dissolve.

This left a large hollowed emptiness of which something new happened.

The remnants floating around collided until they eventually mixed together causing a life to begin, who was it?

Our Oldest Known Parent, our books LORD.

He began by falling and eventually learned to fly.

He learned more by studying things inside and outside his body.

Eventually skilled and curious enough, he collected things he found and manipulated them into what is now Earth and Heaven.

Now Earth was a flat square, and he placed things he invented such as trees, water, and dirt, on the bottom.

This is because what does not fly in space falls.

The earth being heavier than the trees for example gave them the ability to attach to the faster falling Earth.

He studied his own beginning to life and invented Creational Magic.

He used it to create his descendants, us siblings.

We now live on the bottom of a flat earth, and as we are less weight than earth, our feet hold to the bottom of Earth. This is because it falls faster than us.

Now as you may have noticed, what happens?

Well our Earth falls ever slowly towards those walls that even now are still dissolving.

No alarm meant my brothers, it is the LORDs plan that we survive such a situation and even benefit from it.

The proof is the birds wings.

When he says he can create such things, he can do even more then that to allow you to enjoy this excitement, and still escape such danger.

The LORD loves you.

When our LORD visits Bohemian Grove, he flies upside down, in the explanation, his feet point towards Earth, which in space, is up, and it, requires more skill than the alternative.

The truth is, we live, with Earth above, and Heaven below.

Here, to add extra definition to this recording of our LORD our Father, below is legitimate and accurate art of him. Click To Enlarge.

He Has A Larger Than Our Own Upper Skull, and Is Handsome.

Another note, is for those who have heard mars is a seperate planet and have seen photos of it…

Mars is simply a distant land, on our same Earth.