Natural Healing

The methods on this page are for keeping a healthy religious body.
This is a religious healing, we are not doctors.
For medical help consult your chosen doctor.
Freedom to religion.

Genesis 1:29
Then God (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה) said,
“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

“hELlo Creator, Shinedown”

Worship has been a source of fascination in seeking of healing.

For this healing exercise we look to the ancient Canaanites.

They worshipped El as the known name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

While everyone is entitled to any and every good freedom, what I can tell you, is that the Canaanites were known to be a loving people of family, as their faith became what is now today connected as Judaism, and thereby that connected to Christianity.

I will give an example of how seeking healing in form of worship and prayer through an ancient name for our Creator can be efficient.

Worship: Singing and or saying, with your mind, “We love and worship El”.

Prayer: “Dear El Creator of Heaven and Earth (Insert your request here)”.

As for a Canaanite history reference tied to Judaism and Christianity, what is referred to as Genesis is actually a history lesson that earlier than that was translated more literally
“In the beginning, El created Heaven and Earth”.

That verse is a basically direct translation of the ancient Canaanites beliefs, whom the Jews and Christians adopted pieces of their religion from
(Such as the comprehension of a Heaven and Earth as definitions).

“Peel A Treat, Lacking Meat”

This exercise is a vegan practice with origins dating back to the healthy past of our ancestors.

A healthy body can be noticed as a mixture of proper relationship with the Creator and also a proper diet.

It is common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables is good for health of the body.

Lets focus on a few key ideas that structure the “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat”.

In the Vegan attitude, meat does not give health when eaten, instead it leads to difficulty in digestion and bodily distribution.

That is why for example in Genesis 1:29 we find instruction that our Creator taught us to eat plants (Such as fruits and vegetables).

Another area of importance is that when eating fruits and vegetables, fire cooking can make pleasant taste, but in moderation, because cooking reduces the medicinal quality. It changes a fresh fruit, vegetable, or grain, basically into more of a passive help to the body.

Now that we talked about the basics let’s get to the main purpose for the title “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat”.

Fruits will be an example. The peelings (Also known as skins) of fruits contain medicine inside them. Lets compare, limes, lemons, oranges, and watermelons.

On a intensity scale, limes are the most spicy of a nature medicine, next on the scale is lemons, and then oranges being of the 3, the most gentle of acidity and healing.

The taste you get when you eat 1 of these 3 fruits explains to your body the medicine contained in what you are eating.

Since the lime and its peeling is the spiciest and most intense, we can estimate, it gives health to the body in a large way, and fast. Oranges are gentler and that tells us it is a medicine that helps us but is estimated to be used for ease instead of intensity.

Then there is the watermelon, it is much larger than limes, lemons, and oranges, but its peel is very thick and so too is its pulp. Watermelons are good for feeding 2 or more people, where as a lime for example, is good for feeding 1 person.

Now your possibly curious, what is the proper method to gain most from this?

How To Try “Fresh” Health For A Full Day

To properly heal your body using fruits and vegetables as medicine, you want to be on a “fresh” start.

Plan a day and expect to only eat fruits and or vegetables all day, if you want to cook some, try and do at maximum half of your eating for the day cooked, the other half raw.

At the start of the plan you will want to wake up, and wait to eat until after you have had your morning bowel movement, that should remove most of the meat from your body, which is important, because if you mix meat and healthy vegan food inside your body, then the healing capability of the vegan food is crippled.

Once you have cleared yourself of the yesterdays meat(s), the plan is to all day eat fruits and or vegetables.

Since its called “Peel a Treat, Lacking Meat” try to remember, the peel of the food has a large concentration of medicine in it, so you will want to chew it up in small bites and eat it.

For people whom normally eat a lot of meat this practice will possibly be a bit difficult early into trying it, because the mouth, taste buds, and other areas of the body are so trained upon digesting things like bread made with eggs.

The more you eat healthy, the easier it will become.

If you try this Vegan diet for a full day and notice feeling any healthier, you can surely do it more than for 1 day.

If you fall back into eating meat, remember the day you ate healthy, and you can return to the practice at your will.

If you like this diet remember a few key notes.

Key Notes

Genesis 1:29 is our Creators teaching of these things (simplified).

Mixing meat with food cripples the medicine in the food.

The peel of the fruits and vegetables is an area of the richest healing available in the food, chew it up in small bites and eat it.

Cooking fruits or vegetables lowers the capability of the medicine in the fruits and vegetables, its okay to have some occasionally, but fresh should be the majority.

It is very common for breads to be made with chicken eggs, check your breads ingredients if it doesn’t say vegan on it. Even cooked chicken eggs in your bread can cause the healing from the vegan food to be crippled. On this diet, avoid those breads, some breads are vegan and can be used with this diet.

If you got excited by the story of God, Jesus, and the Tree of Life, be inspired by that story, and enjoy this diet, and remember, the Oldest Parents love you.

“Reign (Rain) In Regions Of Fire”

The soul is a part of the body. Temperature, like the soul, is invisible. We connect the two together and estimate they are cooperative. As your body can produce heat through its frictions, the heat can be returned to your body, purifying it as it passes out then in again.

For the exercising of this skill you will need at least 1 hand and 1 foot. You can also do this using 2 hands or 2 feet.

We will explain the example using hands.

You take both your hands and rub them together upon the palms until they feel gently hot. When your hands have become gently hot, hold them together as if praying, interlocking the fingers, connecting the hands at the palms and the fingers wrapped beside each other.

This exercise produces heat from the body, including the soul, and when you bring your hands together allowing the heat to pass back into them, you are cleansing your bodies invisible systems and purifying illness.

This exercise can be done using 1 hand and 1 foot together, 2 hands together, or 2 feet together.

An additional method when you have gained skill at the basics is when your hands become hot place them upon an aching body area for the heat to heal that specific area.

This method of pleasant feeling is somewhat of a embracing of the stories we hear of Jesus, or in other stories, Clerics, Priests, and Paladins.

In a large amount of their methods of healing, it is said they placed their hands upon the person with the ailment.

“A Yellow Body, Yellow Replenishment”

During the flu we have very weak bodies, our temperatures fluctuate greatly, we vomit, and we feel pain.

Our urine comes out yellow, and during the flu, it is common for it to be discolored and smell unusual.

For this healing exercise we will use a lemon or lemons, clean water, and optional for added benefit is honey.

You should heat the water and squeezed lemon juice together until they are hot.

Adding honey to it can improve the taste and the thickness of its syrup can soothe your throat and belly.

The acids of the lemon will also aid the throat.

Drink a cup of this hot lemonade 1-3 times a day based on need. Sip it slowly if very hot. Since it is a natural mixture and non toxic, if you would like to drink more than 3 cups in one day because you are noticing improvement, use your own judgement.

Avoid using standard sugar in this hot lemonade as it is not beneficial to your weakened body system while having the flu.

If you must have a type of sugar other than honey for this exercise, we suggest the plant called “Stevia” it is less harsh than basic sugar and still has a sweet taste to it.

“The Farmers Orange And A Tea Cross”

A less extreme illness is the common cold.

If your head is making swampy sweats or you have a abnormal head temperature while feeling icky, its definitely possible you have a cold.

With this exercise we will need at least 1 orange and a tea bag. Honey is optional.

Heat the orange juice until it is hot, and put the tea bag in it. Mix the two and add your honey.

Using basic sugar is not recommended as basic sugar is quite strong noticeably to be harsh upon a weakened body.

If you want to sweeten it without honey try using “Stevia” it is a plant similar to sugar that is not harsh and it is still sweet.

The orange juice has vitamins in it as well as the orange itself having a healthy aura (Which can be seen with Kirlian Photography), the tea will help by giving your body energy to sweat out the ick.

“Allergies Bee-Gone”

Disclaimer: (Only take bee pollen if you are not allergic to bees.)
Bee Pollen has the healthy ability to cure allergies and even to give someone a tolerance against them, however its side note is that some people are allergic to bees, making the pollen the bees collected an allergy itself.

Are you allergic to cats? Maybe grass, hay, dust?

A miracle in the health food supplement aisle is called “Bee Pollen”.

Throughout my life I was allergic to cats, very heavily.

I took bee pollen for about 6 months to help with it and it caused me to build up a healthy immune system so that I no longer have these allergies.

Bee pollen is more than temporary relief of allergies, it helps your body become healthier and by doing so you can then tolerate the things that were making you allergic.

While some people claim it is still unproven, I can say it worked for me and my friends that suggested it to me.

Once again, bee pollen comes in contact with bees so if you are allergic to bees you should consider an alternative, drinking apple cider vinegar can relieve symptoms of allergies.

“The Exercisers Leaf Fat Behind”

Are you trying to lose weight?

For this exercise it will be more than double effective if you partner the treatment with physical activity such as walks, runs, sit-ups, crunches, pushups, and jumping jacks.

Wanting to exercise and making plans on how to do it is a step in the proccess.

But how can we make sure we will be able to stick with the plan, even when we are tired?

Avoiding being as tired is a great way to achieve this.

Green Tea Pills and or powder, are an excellent source of both fat burning ingredients as well as energy gaining effects.

Green Tea Pills will help you stay awake longer as well as be over all less tired while awake and exercising.

In my youth I found taking a good amount of green tea pills a day helped motivate my body to continue doing daily physical exercises, I had the energy, I wanted to exercise, and my sleep was improved when I actually slept.

While drinking green tea from the tea bag is very healthy and good, I find ingesting the powder is even an improvement, cause with the tea bag, the leaf gets discarded, and that’s what you should be eating to gain the effects.

Green Tea is described to have detoxing effects and to cleanse the body.

You can find green tea pills in the health supplement aisle and I suggest getting the one where the ingredients list it as having a high amount of energy giving benefits.

Read the bottle for instructions on how many and how often to take them.

❤ Thank You For Reading, I Hope You Enjoy The Suggestions, Much Love ❤

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