Our New Youtube Channel

We have a new youtube channel. It contains fun music videos about religion, science, and our oldest parents.

Please like our videos and subscribe to our channel.

If we can get 100 subscribers youtube will give our channel access to pick a custom url.

We can then choose our channels url to be “welovetheoldestparents”.

Which makes it easier for you and our other viewers to access it. Visit our youtube channel at the link below.

Click Here

Thank you, much love.

Website Update

Redid Theme

Redid Menus

Shortened url links to click heres

Added new pages header photos

Changed devianart from daoelipgian link to wltop link

Started twitter

Started the plan to reach 100 youtube subscribers to obtain a custom channel url

Expected custom youtube channel name will be WeLoveTheOldestParents possibly in all lower caps

Added categories to seperate blog/news feed posts

Linked in menu to Alex Jones’s InfoWars.Com in hopes to become teamed with him

Plans for next updates include:

Possibility of new widgets, new content, new url change to http://www.welovetheoldestparents.com

Premium Website designer app upgrade, custom youtube channel name/url (hopefully, possibility of a long wait to get 100 subscribers, may make new youtube videos to help encourage subscribing)

Advertising site on other sources, new blog posts, possibility of additional social media account content linking,

New art (at least on the deviantart, possibly also on site)

Well thats what i currently got planned but new ideas happen so expect some unknown too.

Much love, remember, were all one family. The oldest parents love you.

The Mysterious Hero “Care”

“Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove” documentary.

Who is Care? Could it be God has returned?

This is a clip of the part of the documentary where the mysterious hero “Care” interacts with the priests of Bohemian Grove.

The priests at the grove are reported to worship Molech, which in the bible, it is claimed God hates Molech.

Click Here