Personal Valentine Forwarding To Yodh He Waw He, Asking For Help

My Special Personal Valentines Day Entry
Still gonna wait to recieve help from Yodh He Waw He in retrieving my Creator Intended Wife
Yodh He Waw He, It is said God (Yodh He Waw He) has the all seeing eye and all hearing ear

Please help me, I am trying to obey your command not to fornicate, Id like to give this valentines day card to the wife you want me to have as of the old order to marriage
Family member 1 married 2
3 married 4
I will put in the effort to not fornicate, and ill put in effort of progress on the situation, I will try to do the proper things of making it easy for you to retrieve her and reunite us, please help me do the other parts of this puzzle
Thank you
❤ Happy Valentines Day Everyone ❤

<3 Happy Valentines Day To The Whole Family <3

Often we hear the words “I love you” and that is good but lets try to add to it.

This valentines day let us remember what it is to be a Best Friend.

When someone is in love, they enjoy using the words I love you.

But I have a suggestion to romanticize your valentines day.

Tell your partner they are your Best Friend.

Try it, they hear from you all the time that you love them.

We grow up as children wanting friends and wanting to know they love us.

Saying I love you is good but its also gonna help to add on to that with a reason as to why you love them.

Telling your love that they are your best friend is the proof that you love them.

I am not a sister I am a brother so I will limit what I am about to say from a brothers perspective.

Us brothers deeply deeply love our sisters, and we try to show them by showering them with gifts and praise.

What could you a sister do for a brother to get him to think about what you said and to even melt the snow off his heart?

Tell him he is your best friend.

Brothers, remember to give back to her, tell her shes your best friend too.

Dont be so tired you lose it, think about it and invest in it.

I hope this suggestion pleases you and I hope you use it.

Dont worry of your other friends, it is okay to have more than one best friend.

Your marital partner is one person and no one else can be them, they are unique and as so, are the best at being them.

You are in love with them because you cherish them more than anyone yes?

After all no one else is them, they are one of a kind, not anyone else. Value that.

❤ Best Friends ❤

A Prayer

Dear Oldest Parents,

Your creations are awesomely skilled at love

You definitely were successful when teaching us

While we are best friends in situations with marriage

Let us not forget we are best friends with the whole family

A family full on numbers, teams of 2 in marriage, and 1 big team of family together

To honor our Mother and Father

Our 2 Oldest Parents

❤ Much Love, Best Friends Forever ❤

A Cheering Proposal To Our Creator

I have a thought, maybe the Nothing is like a container…that part has been thought of,
but what if we are on the inside and trying to cross the inside border wall of the container to get to the outside causes the traveler to be placed somewhere else in the container AND everything inside of the container gets smaller

Both the replacement and the inside getting smaller would be necesssary for this place to be such a contraption of sealing and puzzle thats lead to such a prolonged stay

No… its not crazy its a effort of loving desire to try to help the creator achieve his goal of finding unknown family

Nowadays hopefully people have seen enough magic to know….
Anything is possible (quote from full metal alchemist anime)

Your Valentines Day Gift, Sneak Peak Of Book 8 Chapter 4

Book 8 of the bohemian grove offerings seriesChapter 4 sneak peak, a valentines day present prearranged

“The Creation Is Passionate”

For our creator, what would the first creation be like once living? Would they be adept? Would they need modification? Would they love? Our creators desire to learn the answers to these questions caused a passionate desire for them to be answered. Our creator had much hope that the first creation would have the desires of its parent the creator and be capable of studying and learning, as well as becoming skilled.

History in our family gives a wealth of proof that we creations are a success, we have the desires, we have the minds, we have the patience, and most of all we love. These great belongings and the guidance of our creator have led us to become very very passionate. We find things we like and we pursue them. Love is something we value onto the same level as something else, being smart.

We are in awe of what we find to be beneficial. At times its nature, at times its studying our creator, the excitement of being a parent to sympathize what the creator does, considering outer space, studying magic and science, improving our crafting skills. What we find to benefit the ones we love, we try to learn, use, and improve. Our creator has had many passions and still does, thanks to our creator, and thanks to the Nothing that everything began from that is now a Something, we have become passionate.

It is not uncommon for a creation to have felt rushed, the thing is we are a large family and sometimes things happen fast. Conversations are left unfinished, desires sometimes are not fulfilled, it can be a bit overwhelming. But the beautiful thing about our family, is we continue to try, and yes, succeed.

A problem we are facing nowadays, and we have not as many easy answers to it, is that some of us have experience tradgedy, very fast, very often, and yet we constantly see everyone else around us very happy and having a very easy time. This cant be traumatic to such a young creation. But let me give you hope and the truth.

Our creator began living in this Nothing everything began from that then was a something as a creature, very intimidated by the place they found themself in. Space was dangerous and learning happened by attempt, and not every attempt was pleasant. Our creator had a difficult life in some times, not always feeling very lucky or loved. Our creator, discovered a passion, a passion that cheered up their feelings and comforted away the fear and sorrow. Our creator found gains in the place, our creator survived death, and our creator learned the word invincibility.

Pain is something we have learned and well…nobody likes it, and thats good, its a survival helper not a pleasantry. During early life in this place our creator had more pain than deserved, but once learning the pain stopped, and death was a mirage, our creator could gain and not worry so much. With realization for our creator that they would always live, and that their were certain ways to avoid pain, even ways to experience pleasure, our creator became passionate and happy, happy enough to dance.

Fear of death in our family has been a wrecking ball upon our happy attitude. Our creator wanted us to experience his history and beginning to life. To dislike pain and to fear death. To even go as far as hating death. But then to have the miracle of continuing to live, in the same old Nothing, where when someone has this gift and blessing, and they learn this, thats when the real gain can begin. Because when you have proof this Nothing that now is a Something is a place of eternal life, you start to invest in yourself, and even others, and why? Because you get to keep it.

Much love, this chapter written the day before Valentines Day for everyone who deserves it, and that is you.

We Are All Good, But You Are Not A Burden, You Are Good

People love Jesus of the new testament

But their also aware he got crucified

And they see this as he loved so much he wouldn’t resist
(Also perceived as fight back)

The thing is They start to worry to not contribute to that Jesus ever having error or failing

Now Jesus is good and loyal to God (Yodh He Waw He) so he’s gonna be successful at helping this family

But the worry to not cause Jesus any burden is still something that has happened

The thing is, even Jesus of the new testament does not always do what is divinely pure

Jesus ate a fish, and that is a creation eating another creation, it is not exactly pure good to do that, Jesus did it for good reasons, he was trying to fit in and not let everyone else be doing it alone, but still ideally we should not be creations eating other creations

Do you expect even Mr. God (Yodh He Waw He) has never made a less than ideal choice? Mr. God (Yodh He Waw He) is smarter than smart and he has become this way from learning and putting effort into becoming a master at what he loves

For example, fire is dangerous, people get hurt, but still Yodh He Waw He (God) allows his creations to use fire, Yodh He Waw He sends snow that can be dangerous to his creations

Yodh He Waw He IS good but even he does things sometimes that are more fun and long term efficient than actual pure good

As a majority he is pure good, but even a pure good person in this place, this Nothing that now has something will eventually have to do things they don’t want to or like such as allowing creations to have fire for pleasantry even though it can also cause harm

Yodh He Waw He is pure good as a majority but this Nothing that now has something (Outer Space) doesn’t always allow us to not shift our alignment in leanings towards chaos for benefit

You’ve heard of scientific laws, and they are not things enforced by people with badges and guns they are restrictions that this place, this Nothing that now has Something, has built into it as layers and dimensions

Fire is dangerous yes but fire is a part of this Nothing that everything began from, so the creator had a choice of lawfully ban it and enforce that by physical strength, or allow creations to also have it and hopefully gain more as a family by efficiently using it

So as you can see, even our creator has to do things they don’t like, such as give dangerous tools to his children

We live in the Nothing that now has something and sometimes here, science isn’t the comfy and cozy type of good its the fun and smart kind of good

Yodh He Waw He mastered over this places resources and learnings and his son is Jesus and I estimate by population amount that would read this I can say you are his child too

Do not be afraid too share your burdens with loved ones

Jesus did get crucified but he’s not lost forever, he actually learned a bit about what its like to be in a crowd of grumps

Something he can use to have mercy upon his loved ones who have also been in crowds of grumps
Jesus struggled with some grump issues himself

He got stressed and yelled that a crowd was a bunch of vipers because he was tired and overworked

I assure you, everyone in this family is good, sometimes we will have to lean a bit onto the crutch of faith and trust that everything in this place is safer than it seems

Jesus isn’t trying to be the barbarian good of the war in heaven, he’s trying to clean up the messes of sin

Its okay for Jesus to struggle along the way, he’s got Yodh He Waw He for help and the love for others is a strengthening holyness that will carry even Jesus through the mess

I made this post for the loved ones who have ever said to themselves

“I don’t want to be a burden to anyone”

Jesus Of The New Testament And God Of The Old Testament, Not The Same

Hey you ever heard from church nondirectly or directly that God is Jesus?
Let me defend your belief
Their were 2 men
Yodh He Waw He, (The bible writes the name as God in Genesis)
And in the new testament the 2nd man is written as Jesus Christ
Their was an ancient prophecy that a creation would save the family from sin, and even do more
Save lives, and be divine
The prophecy speaks of a messiah, someone who will love and be the hero
The belief that God is Jesus is a Jewish roots prophecy
You see, Mr. God saved the Jews from slavery in egypt…
Possibly you read about his interactions with Moses
The 2nd man Jesus of the new testament, was a priest of Yodh He Waw He who modeled himself of Yodh He Waw He, he healed the sick, he gave money to the poor, and he befreinded many
But the real reason why Jesus of the new testament had such difficulty was because everyone in Israel loved Yodh He Waw He very much
And when Jesus of the new testament said If you have seen me, you have seen the father, they did not comprehend what he intended, and they paranoidly estimated Jesus of the new testament was rebelling and telling other creations that he was the creator
Jesus of the new testament meant something else, he was saying if you have seen me, you can also see the father, youll learn more of the actual directness of that later, possibly even from Yodh He Waw He yourself
But the Jews had been saved from slavery in Egypt by Yodh He Waw He
They did not like it when some sibling creation was running around acting crazy, telling other creations he was the creator, this was not what Jesus of the new testament did, but it is still, in their fear and lack of knowledge believed he was doing
The reason why when Jesus was crucified they hung a sign that said “The King Of The Jews” is because the sign is a placeholder for the victim of the punishments sin
They were displaying that the sin Jesus had committed was claiming he was the king
The thing is, they were basically being merciful, a large amount of them wanted to gossip that he was telling people he was the creator, but they feared talking in this way would cause a desire in others to follow down the path of trying to be the creator and rebel
We as creations all have our creator as our parent, it is not seperate only to the Jews of Israel, we all love God (Yodh He Waw He) so you know and can sympathize with why the Jews of Israel got so worried and made the mistake
They were defending the creator from someone they assumed was starting a war and rebellion, he himself claiming to be God, while Jesus did not actually claim he himself was God (Yodh He Waw He) the Jews lacked comprehension of words Jesus spoke
Again the words were”If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”
And again Jesus of the new testament was saying that if people had seen that man they could then also see Yodh He Waw He
Now you want to know more about that yes?
Did Jesus have a picture of Yodh He Waw He on his body?
Maybe he did….. We can learn more about that later
So the Jews believed their saviour and messiah was Yodh He Waw He (God) and they did not believe the jesus of the new testament was the prophet that the prophecy spoke of
The thing is, when someone saves your life and the lives of the ones you love, you possibly feel in debt to that person more than normal, so these Jews saved from Egypt got paranoid a little easy
So the new christian trend of saying Yodh He Waw He is the messiah, the saviour, the Jesus Christ
Its actually a Jewish religious belief that the hero of the story is Yodh He Waw He (God) not his son the healer
Now its really splitting hairs, and this was a emotionally deep and bonding experience, but its much simpler and leads to a improved and good future to comprehend, Mr. God is Yodh He Waw He and his son of the new testament was his priest, they are a team but seperate people
So what I am asking you is that people dont start to believe the man of the new testament is the same Yodh He Waw He
In short, Yodh He Waw He did not get crucified by the Jews, his son the healer did
And dont worry and dont stress, that son begged Yodh He Waw He not to hate them for their error, he knew they though looking adult, were still young and learning, having an age, even if rounded up, of only 1% of the creator, so Jesus of the new testament perceieved them as Yodh He Waw He’s childrens, and that jesus tried to protect them by begging Yodh He Waw He not to punish them for erring on the 10 commandments and common love for each other
So if you ever hear Jesus Is God, Please comprehend God (Yodh He Waw He) the creator did not come down born as a jesus of the new testament and get crucified
Ive heard a lot about it from churchly sources and I could see things were headed in the wrong direction

Never Underestimate Prayer

The Ying Yang And Friction

The ying yang represents the cycle of the sun and moon the white dot is the moon at night

The black dot is the sun during the day

Now its possible your thinking the sun is red, but if you look at it with your eyes for about 5-10 seconds its darkens visually to black

We have had tv in black and white, but everyone loves color tv

So I imaged up a different style of ying yang

It is basically a friction (Stem of alchemy) ying yang, and it explains different layers to life

The black and white, and the color on top of it, with RGB in tvs you can make color tv pictures

Its a theory I have that green is extra, and color began with red and blue, and earlier than that came from black and white

Sounds skeptical huh?

Have you ever “Inverted” a picture? Thats done with black and white. yet color even shifts….maybe its not so skeptical?