This section is for other websites and similars that are into the same effort we are into.

Here you can find people who are devoted to a common goal.

To spread love of faith and Creator(s).

We wish them the best, and you also, yes you.

A hope is that by suggesting these friends to you we will all grow and improve together.

❤ Enjoy the team effort, your on it, and were called “Family” 🙂 ❤

Info Wars

Alex Jones on radio at

Alex Jones founded Info Wars in 1999, and in my opinion, has done a very good job running it. The documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove” Originated with the radio station company at It was Alex Jones and that successfully recorded “The Cremation Of Care” ritual, at the secret Bohemian Grove Club. The… Continue reading Info Wars

One Little Angel

One Little Angel shares a common system as WLTOP, producing love for all religion. Some of our Prayer backgrounds had help in making from using One Little Angel’s religious quote database. That is some of the religious scripture verses used on some of our prayer backgrounds were found using One Little Angel. They have a… Continue reading One Little Angel

Sacred Texts Archive

On some places of our site we recommend this partner site as a place to read the “Lost Books Of The Bible” also known as “The Lost Books Of Eden”. In it we have God’s (Yodh He Waw He’s) promise to Adam and his Descendants to save them after 5 and a half “Great” days… Continue reading Sacred Texts Archive

Religion Facts

Religion Facts is a compilation source. Having no leanings towards choosing 1 religion as truth, instead displaying truth in all available religions. Their website is a very good source of learning the basics of any chosen religion or to compare religions with each other. They have a bio on each religion with descriptive information that… Continue reading Religion Facts

Family Search

Family Search is a free ancestory database. You can create an account and search their records to find distant family and the information about them. A large amount of the sites well being is user made, once creating an account you can enter your known ancestors and other family members names and build a family… Continue reading Family Search

World Religion News

World Religion News is a website with blog that is based upon providing information of current happenings in our world involving any and all of its religions. Focusing as a majority on 14 of the most popular religions worldwide they have quite the wealth of news for the populace of our loving world. They offer… Continue reading World Religion News

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