Lady FreeThinker

Lady FreeThinker is an anti-abuse of animals group.

They do investigations upon the topic and also gather signatures for petitions to save animals lives.

The WLTOP standard is we are all family.

We believe our Creator wanted us, and that in itself is why we were Created.

As anti-loneliness companions to our Creator, who decided being alone, was not good enough, it is desirable that we younger family members have mercy and gentleness with each other.

The Lady FreeThinker group has been successful at switching the trade of meat into a valuable crop farming structure, which can feed us healthily, avoiding the dangers associated with meat, which as we know, we are taught, can’t even be eaten raw harmlessly.

Lady FreeThinker helps to improve the quality of life for the Creators family, in both keeping life here with us, and also in maintaining a healthy and profitable crop food source system.

To view the Lady FreeThinker groups capabilities, and or join the cause, visit their below link.

Click Here To Visit Lady FreeThinker

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