Sacred Texts Archive

On some places of our site we recommend this partner site as a place to read the “Lost Books Of The Bible” also known as “The Lost Books Of Eden”.

In it we have God’s (Yodh He Waw He’s) promise to Adam and his Descendants to save them after 5 and a half “Great” days which has been translated as 5500 years, however is also theorized to be 6 events, the promise of salvation being resulted in the middle of the 6th event, hence 5 and a half.

Many religious documents even ancient and old can be read for free on this website.

Some examples of religious documents are “Nostradamus”, “I Ching”, “Apocrypha”, “Vedas”, “Native American”, “Talmud”, “Bible”, and “The Book Of Shadows”, also having even more than that available.

This site is a very good resource and it is pleasant to use, we hope you enjoy it.

Click Here To Visit The Sacred Text Archive

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