WLTOP Rainbow Heart

(Under Construction)

I made this page and it is currently a place holder for planned future content involving what is expected to be known as the “WLTOP Rainbow Heart”.

The rainbow biblically symbolizes that our Oldest Ancestors, respectably whom they are, regretted the harm that had come to their children in retaliation of disobedience.

Biblically Egypt and Israel were involved in a long relationship, it is written to have had a lot of unpleasantness to it.

Both Egypt and Israel in a larger history though have done many good things for our family.

I am excited to say Egypt and Israel are at peace, and have been for years.

That exciting news led to the idea for the WLTOP Rainbow Heart.

The heart will be a picture with some prayer asking our ancestors to comfort us and not destroy us.

The bible proved something in that history, the love of parents for their children should be respected and honored.

The message of the heart will be for our ancestors to please “Love Our Life”.

It could be said the heart will be an anti-destroyer good luck charm.

So thank you Egypt and Israel for everything you have done for this family, you have inspired our soon to be made peace offering, we here at WLTOP wish you the best and as always we know, the Oldest Parents love you.

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