Arts And Crafts

On this page we have suggestions for art crafting. Everyone has the potential to be an artist.

Deviant Art is one of my favorite artist tools. It is basically a Facebook for artistry. A kind of Social Network and art storage tool.

The account is free and you can enjoy making friends by using Deviant Art.

While you can use their website to manage your account, they also offer an app. Their app is beautifully exciting.

Click Here To Go To Deviant Art

Image Editor by Byte Mobile is a mobile device app that coincidentally, I do most of my art and editing with.

Yes at first it is a little overwhelming, because of its complexity, but it is a very powerful tool.

With tons of editing and design options, you’ll love it. Did I mention It is free?

Click Here To Get Image Editor

If you want to make videos from your mobile device, the Power Director app by Cyberlink Corp is a good choice.

I have been a fan of Power Director for a while now and our Youtube Channels music videos were made using it.

It is free, but has a premium version that grants additional features.

Click Here To Get Power Director

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