On this page you can find helpful suggestions about becoming a author.

Reedsy is a free book writing website tool.

It makes book writing easy, and fun. It will walk you through the steps of adding content such as pages, table of content, copyright, and cover.

With Reedsy, you can export your books into epub and pdf formats.

Click Here To Go To Reedsy

SmashWords is a free ebook publisher.

You upload your epub file and SmashWords submits it to other companies to be sold and distributed.

SmashWords submits your ebook to companies such as, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Apple Books, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive, and some others.

Click Here To Go To Smashwords

You can sell your ebooks on the Google Play Store.

They take both epub and pdf formats.

For an ebook author, it is suggested to submit your ebook to the Google Play Books Store.

Click Here To Go To Google Play Books

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing you can sell your book in both paper and ebook forms.

The setup is relatively easy, and Amazon is quick to approve content.

Amazon KDP will also offer you author copies. You will be able with that option, to purchase your book at the price it costs Amazon to print it.

Click Here For Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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