Free Language Learning

You are family.

In our family we have many languages.

You know at least 1 yes?

On this page we are bringing resources together that are meant to improve ourselves specifically in the topic of learning more than our main language.

At WLTOP we enjoy offering our brothers and sisters as much free content as we can, while saving any money spending related content for only when it can not be avoided, (such as our suggestion to buy a dual translation 10 Commandments, or dual translation Bible).

As I make mention on our blog, I myself, the author of the blog, have a mental disability called schizophrenia, because of it I am met with a difficulty to focus as well as a difficulty to store things into memory.

As you my family knows it does not stop me from loving us.

I during my desire to learn a 2nd language browsed the available free resources seeking something fit for a person whom has disability.

I am excited to share with you that I found a free company that teaches your choice of a 2nd language in a simple, efficient, and fun way.

The company and language learning service I am going to share with you in hopes that you will give them a try is called “DuoLingo”.

For me I had believed learning a new language to be nearly an impossible task…

But I passionately wanted to achieve it and considered how someone as simple as myself could learn as if I was in school for someone needing the basic and gentle quality of learning.

I am using the DuoLingo app for my smartphone and they also offer a desktop version which the two of them synch together storing account benefit and data.

I can review their service and software to say it is easy, and exciting.

They bring the learner to a view of cartoony design and friendly attitude.

At WLTOP we do a lot of recognizing that we are the youth of our Creators family and the DuoLingo service has the potential to give you a feeling of any happiness you had as a youth in early school.

While it is cartoon filled and simple, it is also honest of me to assure you that it is an effective learning tool and you will benefit richly and yet at your desired pace.

The language I am pursuing learning is Hebrew. I chose the Hebrew language because our Lord chose to write down his name on the 10 Commandments in the language and I want to attach myself emotionally to his decision.

What language my friend would you like to learn and adopt into your capability skill set?

Below I will share the links to the DuoLingo website for Desktop computers and also their app link on the Google Play Store.

At WLTOP offering our family high quality content makes us lovingly proud and DuoLingo is truly a treasure we are sharing with you.

Click Here To Visit

Click Here To Get The Free DuoLingo Phone App

❤ Good Luck, Have Fun, The Oldest Parents Are Proud Of Us When We Self Improve ❤

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