Learn Our Secret Art Style (Fun DIY)

Click below link for the free youtube tutorial on how you can make art in this style and pursue your own image story puzzles

Click Here For The Tutorial On How To Make This Puzzle Art

P.S. If you want more examples of this style, visit our deviant art, ive done 300+

Click Here For Our Deviant Art

Another example, our WLTOP Angel Logo was created as a kaleidoscope that just happened to have the logo Angel as a part of it… so I decided to use it.

You can see below the finished Kaleidoscope, the logo, and the Holiday picture I used as a material to make it.

Here below I have compiled together a step-by-step photo journal example of how to do the Kaleidoscope art and produce zoomins, using the Image Editor Phone App.

It is how I constructed the fan art of the LORD and also even the WLTOP Angel Logo. Click pictures to enlarge.

That is what I was able to organize as a DIY Step By Step Journal, let me show you below some other art zoomins I have made using this technique, some is fan art of our ancestor the LORD.

That my friends who are also my family is the ancestor approved WLTOP art style.

A Royal WLTOP Banner

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