Web Design

On this page you will find helpful referrals to Web Site Design tools.


With option for a free account, which covers most needs, and offers many features.

A whopping 37% of all sites are made with WordPress.

WordPress is easy, and honestly fun. While you can use their website to manage your own site, they also have a app you can alternatively use.

Click Here To Go To WordPress

I have a tool I found that I want to suggest to anyone else who has or wants to have a website, this tool is free and it seems to be very useful and helpful

Basically what it does is tells us what we are doing properly, what we are not doing properly, and it tells us how to fix the problems

It rates your website SEO by a percentage which can change each time the website is updated.
This tool greatly helped me and cheered me on, I hope it can do the same for you.

Click Here To Go To SEOBility

Websites appear differently on different devices.

A pc display will be stretched, and a mobile display will be squished.

You can use Blue Tree’s “Screenfly” tool to see what a website looks like on differently sized devices.

Click Here To Use Blue Trees ScreenFly

Google Search Console

If you have a website, chances are you want viewers to find it on Google.

Improve SEO and become searchable on Google with the Google Search Console.

Remember also to submit your sitemap. It will help.

Click Here For Google Search Console

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