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Our Youtube Channel

Check out our Youtube channel for lots of learnings made fun. Also, it is very much appreciated if you subscribe and/or use the like button. Click Here


Do you like art? I sure do. Get free art from us at our Deviant Art page from the below link. Click Here

View Our Twitter

Feel free to follow us on Twitter. We enjoy your comments The link to our Twitter is Click Here The profile id is @welovetheoldest

Music From Sound Cloud And Spotify

Sound Cloud is a social music platform built in the trend of new and upcoming artists while also having some classics. On our Sound Cloud profile you will find recommended music playlists. Amongst our musical likings are, Christian, Jewish, Rock, Jazz, Techno, Country, Classical, and Nature. Visit Our Sound Cloud Profile By Clicking Here Spotify… Continue reading Music From Sound Cloud And Spotify

Tumblr Tumbling

WLTOP is available on Tumblr. Lets be Tumblr friends. 🙂 View the We Love The Oldest Parents Tumblr at the below link Click Here To Find WLTOP On Tumblr

WLTOP On Instagram

We Love The Oldest Parents is available to be your Instagram friend. Ever growing and looking for opportunity to share. Join us on Instagram at the below link. Click Here To Follow WLTOP On Instagram

Read WLTOP Poems on Poetry Poem

Occasionally we post poetry on our WLTOP site but now we are glad to bring to you a social media site where you can enjoy a list of them collected and polished for your enjoyment. View the poems at link to our account below. Click Here To Visit WLTOP On Poetry Poem

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