Suggest Improvements (Contact Us)

(Freedom To Religion, All Creations Equal, Freedom To Assemble)

At WLTOP – We Love The Oldest Parents we are doing as much as we can to give you a pleasant and beneficial experience.

This page was made to allow you, the member, help us decide the fate of our appreciation club.

If you have any comments or opinions about our club we would like to use them to improve it.

Here is a list of what could help us, should you want to contribute it.

Religious Scripture
Favorite Topics

Want to join our team as staff?

We do not get paid and our ideology is that religion and love are meant to be free.

If you like WLTOP and want to be a leader with us it can be a good experience and hobby.

We will make the efforts with you to label your efforts as credited to you with things like watermarks, author notes, and the connecting of you to us.

For someone to want to be a leader in the WLTOP club, having a strong desire to share love to the needy and support them with good words, prayers, art, religious knowledge, family values, and a good attitude is what would fit for our team.

Capability to refer to the Creator(s) and or First Creation as parents, ancestors, and family, will be a very basic need you will be fulfilling.

Remember, we are all one family, our main goal is to tell that to others, putting a smile on their face when ready to accept it, and to refill their hope to a full amount of integrity.

If you are accepted to be a staff leader with us on WLTOP, we will team up with you to share a plan for our cooperation of how to navigate efficiently a family effort towards best success.

The efforts you provide, are always noticed by our Creator, as religions teach us, but if anything you contribute can be titled to you as “Your Contribution”, we will help you make your marking upon what you offer to the group.

While we can and are excited to help any staff we will share with entitlement, it is very important the contributions we share to other family members through WLTOP have freedom with the contributed art, messages, religious stories, prayers, etc.

Because of that please keep in mind that while we can mark your name on the contributions you make, the offerings, should remain free use for fans of the Oldest Parents by (* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.)

Any good love and material you contribute, the Oldest Parents will appreciate, putting your title on it helps stimulate that, it is important though, that our goal is for all the siblings participating in WLTOP, to benefit from the support we give.

If all of that and the below notes satisfy you, good luck.

If any of it is not at current time a fit, please enjoy and also feel free, to participate with WLTOP through comments, likes, shares, email, and or use.

“Staff Necessities”

Have A Love Not Hate Attitude
Speak and Write English

We Are a Free Non-Money Involvement All Religious Group
Gain Credit for Efforts

Be Willing to Learn How to Use Our Tools
Belief In Ancestors

Be Our Friend
We Are Family

“Staff Categories”

Author – Blog Poster
(Prayers, Stories, Support, Religious Scriptures, etc.)

Designer – Artist
(Prayers, Religious Scriptures, Love And Appreciation, Family Oriented, etc.)

Community Relationist – Social Media Grower
(Share content relating to WLTOP on social media, grow the amount of siblings that get support from us and also give it to other family members)

If you feel those necessities are a good fit for you, and you want to be on our free team of staff, get in contact with us through email.
Use the subject in email of WLTOP

We want to help you get as much involvement in the club as you desire.

Our goal being everyone has the right to worship ancestors and receive their blessings, but we want to take it a step further, we want to help support each other, in a fun and high-quality experience.

Giving some tools as structure, such as knowledge, spirituality, religious documents, entertainment, free materials, prayer efforts, and a general helping attitude.

If you like something or want more of it, please enjoy the freedom to tell us.
If you dislike something, we can use your suggestion to change that into something that would be liked.

WLTOP is love. We are loved. We are all one family.

For any suggestions, please contact us by email, please notice this, to ensure we see your email, use the subject WLTOP

Alternatively, if it is easier or more pleasant for you, below our posts and pages is a comment section, you can also leave your comments and suggestions there.

Are we giving you enough mutual control of the fate of our ancestor worship club?

Feel free to comment and email.

Our goal is to help siblings live life the way our Oldest intended, Loved.

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