Suggest Improvements (Contact Us)

At WLTOP – We Love The Oldest Parents we are doing as much as we can to give you a pleasant and beneficial experience.

This page was made to allow you, the member, help us decide the fate of our appreciation club.

If you have any comments or opinions about our club we would like to use them to improve it.

Here is a list of what could help us, should you want to contribute it.

Religious Scripture
Favorite Topics
Application For Leadership As A Team Member (Such as admin, moderator, staff)

We want to help you get as much involvement in the club as you desire.

Our goal being everyone has the right to worship ancestors and recieve their blessings, but we want to take it a step further, we want to as a team, help support each other in a fun and high quality experience in doing it. Giving some tools as structure, such as knowledge, spirituality, religious documents, entertainment, free materials, prayer efforts, and a general helping attitude.

If you like something or want more of it, please enjoy the freedom to tell us.
If you dislike something, we can use your suggestion to change that into something that would be liked.

WLTOP is love. We are loved. We are all one family. Lets do this together.

For any suggestions please contact us by email, Please notice this, to ensure we see your email, use the subject WLTOP

Alternatively if it is easier or more pleasant for you, below our posts and pages is a comment section, you can also leave your comments and suggestions there.

Are we giving you enough mutual control of the fate of our ancestor worship club?
Thumbs up is yes.
Thumbs down is no.

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