Text Now

This page is to suggest a company who offers phone service free using Wi-Fi or for a $1 a sim card that allows free phone service using cellular towers.

Currently as I am aware, Text Now offers their service to the USA, however if you live outside the USA, it is possible other countries have a similar service, feel free to search your options.

Text Now is capable of offering free service in exchange for displaying advertisements in their apps and from the customers who purchase extra options such as data plans for internet capability.

They will provide you with a local number of your choice from the options they have available, if using Wi-Fi, send a text or make a phone call at least once a week to keep your chosen number in possession, and if you purchase a sim card from them for a $1 you keep your number permanently, with no requirement to use it once a week.

The link to the Text Now website is below.

Click Here To Go To Text Now

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