Our Oldest Parent gave us our bodies and as a part of them is what is called our “Chakras”.

Chakras are areas of the body that function in ways such as to heal the body and improve it.

Chakras are a part of flesh, but that is because of connection, they are more closely residing in the soul and or spirit.

To make active use of your bodies chakras instead of expecting them to passively grow and function, you can use a mixture of activating them while worshipping the Oldest.

It can be fun and beneficial.

Here is illustration of what Chakras are.

The Three Shariras
(3 Body Layers)

Karya Sharira
The physical body layer. Consisting of five elements, Ether, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. This part of your whole self is operated by the other two Shariras as a vehicle.

Sukshma Sharira
Often referred to as your subtle body layer, it could even be described as beneficially passive. Your mind, such as thoughts, your ego and its emotions, and your intellect such as instinct memory, function in this layer of your body.

Karana Sharira
Your Karana Sharira retains essence and holds within it an imprint of your Karmic experiences. These Karmic experiences are called Samskaras and effect your true self as they define your current self-based upon your past, gaining improvement to your true self.


The essence of a life, described as pure consciousness called “Purusha” and the truth or reality of each individual, it could be explained as natural belief effecting each self.

Purusha is the Universal Principle that is eternal, indestructible, without form, and all-pervasive.”.

1 thought on “Chakra”

  1. A story to learn a little more about me, I was raised christian and heard of chakra as a youngster, I was so involved with loyalty to God I was afraid to learn about chakra because it felt foreign to me, I did not want to get involved with anything strange and placed all of my trust on an unseeable and strict creator, as I became older I began to comprehend our creator as more of a parent and less of a restriction, this gave me the ability to believe both our creator and myself had a good enough friendship that the things offered to me as teachings could be trusted, even if they came from siblings instead of the creator himself. The problem was, I had no comprehension we were all one family. All my focus was on a divided collection of lives, some to trust, and others to not. As I began to believe we are all one family, I felt comfortable trusting that like Genesis said, everything was good.


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