What Is WLTOP?

W. L. T. O. P. Is short for

“We Love The Oldest Parents”.

WLTOP is a ancestor appreciation club with church group atmosphere, we have a common belief that we are all one Family, and our Creator is our parent to each of us.

The groups motto is

“We are all one family. Call them God, or Goddess, they’re still our parents”.

The group was started with the goal to bridge the gaps of religious differences and be friends with everyone, stating as creations we must all have the same oldest ancestors, known or unknown.

It is the groups mission to help upkeep the belief that we are all one family.

WLTOP is freely available to everyone, and the wish is to share Love with the needy.

We use The Bible and Tanakh, The Lost Books Of Eden, Ancient Historical Records, Various Religious Scriptures, and Science as our supportive tools for success.

While we say we are all one family, we also believe we are a royal family.

The supporting evidence for this is inside the bible.

Psalms 47:6
“Sing praises to God (Yodh He Waw He), sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.”

Jeremiah 7:18
“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the Queen of Heaven.”

Jesus and his disciples made many efforts to teach that God (Yodh He Waw He) is our Heavenly Father.

1 John 3:1
“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the children of God (Yodh He Waw He)”.

So the idea is, the bible tells us Our Oldest Parents are King and Queen of Heaven and Earth, that then makes us Prince’s and Princess’es.

So what does that mean? It equals we are noble and honorable, like our parents.

It is also good to remember, you are royal, yes, but our other siblings are too.

Jesus exampled that with a morale.

Matthew 22:39
“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

At WLTOP we want to respect everyone as if they are royalty. Being kind to others is good practice.

If you would like to participate with WLTOP or join our group, please use this website and the Social Links in our menu.

I hope you enjoy the experience, and I will keep you in our prayers.

Click Here To Go To The Home Page

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You. ❤

The LORD’s Promise

If you havent read the Forgotten Books Of Eden, I suggest you do. They are free. There is one very important verse in them. The verse I am referring to is God’s (Yodh He Waw He’s) promise to end death and sin. The First Books Of Adam And EveChapter 3 Verse 6 “Then Yodh He… Continue reading The LORD’s Promise

Who Is Yodh He Waw He?

God(e)’s name is written on the Ten Commandments in Aramaic as four symbols which at the time was the language of the Jews whom God(e) gave the 10 Commandments to. The name written in Aramaic is יהוה Which pronounced by each letter is “Yodh He Waw He”. Aramaic is read from right to left. Yodh… Continue reading Who Is Yodh He Waw He?


Our We Love The Oldest Parents Official App is newly released in 2023. The app is free and comes feature rich with content, making using and finding as well as participating in our WLTOP club easier. Here are some screenshots. Click To Enlarge. Since the app is brand new, give us comments and reviews, tell… Continue reading The WLTOP App

The Bible Revision

Starting Notes In Genesis 2:17 God forbids touching also eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In Genesis 3:22 God forbids touching also eating from the tree of life. In Matthew 3:17 God separates himself and Jesus as 2 different people, one as (God) the Father, one as (Jesus) the Son. Jesus… Continue reading The Bible Revision

The Waw Family Theory

יהוה Read from right to left, as is Hebrew, it is “Yodh He Waw He”. That is the name the LORD wrote down for himself on the 10 commandments he gave to Moses. Consider below picture for reference. I will simplify my explanation for you. I consider it possible the LORD’s first name is “Yodh”… Continue reading The Waw Family Theory

WLTOP Dictionary

Here are different definitions of “Oldest Parents”. Our Known Family “Local Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) within a certain distance “Oldest Known Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) we know of Our Unknown Family “Unknown Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) we do not know of Our Unknown Family Potential “Achievable Unknown Oldest Parent(s)”: The… Continue reading WLTOP Dictionary

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