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Here are different definitions of “Oldest Parents”.

Our Known Family

Local Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) within a certain distance

Oldest Known Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) we know of

Our Unknown Family

Unknown Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) we do not know of

Our Unknown Family Potential

Achievable Unknown Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) we believe are possible to be found by our known family, expecting they live, yet we have not met them

Unachievable Unknown Oldest Parent(s)”: The highest age ancestor(s) that we reserve in definition as family we believe lives, yet we estimate we will never know them

Here are definitions structuring our family using Religion.

Life (Living – Alive)

To be Sentient, different from non-sentient, such as non-living.

(Original Name For Creator of Heaven and Earth)

In the beginning, EL, Created Heaven and Earth.

This is the oldest verse to be found in the Bible, Tanakh, and Book of EL.
(Bible is a word that came from the Greek wordBiblos” which means “Book“, so Biblos Le, also Biblos El, actually is translated as “Book Of EL“.

The name EL was changed with translation and different languages adapting to teach the young.

What is today, Christianity (GOD(E)), was Judaism (Yodh He Waw He), and previous to that, Canaanism (EL).

It is believed, worshiping EL is beneficial and can be a part of good health.

Healing (hEaLing)

By chanting or singing the words “We Love and Worship EL” your body will receive healing from the LORD, through your worship of his Oldest Name, EL.

The words Healing, Soel, and Flesh, all were invented later than the name EL and have the name inside of those words, as worship of EL interacts with those words.

Soel (soEL)

A Soel is the inner body of a living flesh, it is the person themself, inside of the flesh, seemingly invisible, that controls the flesh, and at time of bodily damages heavy enough to disable the flesh from living, the Soel exits the body.

Worshipping El causes healing, which begins in the Soel, and connects to the Flesh, healing it.

Flesh (fLEsh)

Healing from worshipping EL begins in the Soel, however since your Soel is at the center of your flesh, it connects the healing first to your spine, relieving back pain, and from there it goes forth to the other areas of your flesh.


The process which for each family member differs that is known as a beginning to eternal life.


A family member that is alive due to any method of beginning to life.


Every Creature is included all together in this word.
Family includes Ancestor(s), Sibling(s), and Descendant(s).

There are two branches of theory belief here, a higher age family member is an ancestor and lower age a descendant, or ancestors are only those who caused the descendant to begin life.


A family member who Creates a Creation(s).


A family member who was Created by a known Creator.

All Home

The residence of our family.
This is a potential based description, it refers to space and non-space, but is easiest comprehended as what surrounds family, not measured by distance or limit.
It could be explained as, both the Nothing and The Now Something(s) are the 2 parts of our All Home.


Our family’s description of the All Home previous to any living family or at least before the 2nd family member
(If we connect an old theory of possibility that one of our Oldest Parents is the Home (Space or Nothing as an example)).

Here are the commonly used titles given note and definition


The nickname God is connected to the word Good; it can mean both “Of Good” or “Part Of Good“, this nickname has recently become applied to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who in ancient family practice, was actually named “El“.


Similar to the nickname God, the major difference being this is a title applied to a 2ndary companion who is commonly known as the marital partner of (a) God. The Dess stem word is connected to the similar word “Does” which when connected to the other part of the nickname can be described in total as “Does Good with God” or simply “Does Good“.

Earth (Tibel)

The ground upon which we remain heavy and find our place.
Ancient explanation is that it is flat and square.
Some have opposition to the ancient knowledge and claim it is a sphere.

Heaven (Spirit or Soel Haven)

While the sky and even certain floating locations have been considered Heaven(s), Heaven is actually a term that refers to the different limitations of Flesh compared to Soul, causing 2 different living experiences, with unique potentials.

(Under Construction – Open Space For Future Definitions)

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