Worshipping The Ancestors

There are many different religions giving us details about our ancestors.

Even of our Creator(s).

In this section of the menu you will find helpful advice on our ancestors and their worship.

If you want to learn about early family history, such as the Nothing everything began from, or the Origin Story of our Oldest Parent and their Creational Magic, you can find it in this section.

❤ I hope you enjoy it, Much Love ❤

A Gift (Exodus 30:14)

Whatever religion you choose, there is an Oldest Parent. The Christian and Jewish religions have a special ancestor appreciation event. Exodus 30:14 (Bible and Tanakh)Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto the LORD. Our Oldest Parents love you very much, and even… Continue reading A Gift (Exodus 30:14)

Origins Of Creation

This story will be the story of the Nothing. This story will be the story of the beginning to life in our family. This is the story of our 2 Oldest Parents. If you are a creation, this is very much also your story. Everything began from Nothing. There was not anything. Throughout years the… Continue reading Origins Of Creation

The Lord’s Debt Release

Yodh He Waw He’s (God’s) Debt Release” If you follow Abrahamic religion and its branches you have possibly heard of the “Lords” debt release. Below is the bible verse evidence that our Heavenly Father desires for us to abolish each debt at the end of the debts 7 years. Deuteronomy 15 (of the Bible and… Continue reading The Lord’s Debt Release

Remembering Jehova(h)

Jehova is one of the Ancestors that we here at We Love The Oldest Parents want to appreciate. Here is a snippet of a Bible verse, relating to such the topic. The worship of Jehova is done much by those who claim to be “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. The thing about worshipping old ancestors, even the oldest,… Continue reading Remembering Jehova(h)

Remembering El

The history of Heaven and Earth has brought forth many names for ancestors and descendants. Because the Bible (and Tanakh) is the most popular trending of our world religions, I want to help bring attention to exploring its history. In the beginning, EL, Created Heaven and Earth. This is the oldest verse to be found in the Bible, Tanakh, and Book of… Continue reading Remembering El

A Memorable Identity

(Under Construction, open for suggestions, and comments)(Long explantion at start, but notes and name examples will be below) This page is based upon an idea, one our Creator their self has estimatedly previously had. For us Creations, memory, identity, amnesia, focus, these things can be a part of our lives based upon what we have… Continue reading A Memorable Identity

The Altered History

This page is unique, and it is called “The Altered History of Love”, and in that, yes, it is a story. As we know, everything began from nothing, it became something(s). Materials such as matter, elements, magics, space, many “Things”. As things in space began to collide and mix together, our Oldest Known Parent began… Continue reading The Altered History

God(e) and El

This page is dedicated to studying the connection between God(e) and EL, interestingly in the Turkish language Gode is translated as Guz-EL a very important connection study note. Because in ancient religion EL is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The theory as below evidence estimates is simple, translating the name into English could be… Continue reading God(e) and El

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