A Memorable Identity

(Under Construction, open for suggestions, and comments)
(Long explantion at start, but notes and name examples will be below)

This page is based upon an idea, one our Creator their self has estimatedly previously had.

For us Creations, memory, identity, amnesia, focus, these things can be a part of our lives based upon what we have experienced through our family history.

Our family is proud to be problem solvers so here we have a fun, and smart, suggested offering to our Oldest Ancestor, whom, in our varying stories of history, has a very numerous amounts of names, callings, stories, identities, and believeables.

I am a little shy to make this offering as I dont want to offend anyone so please patiently endure a long story explanation of just what this is, I hope the story will put you in a good mood and give a happy attitude.

We can say that knowing something is changeable.

We know this due to learning and its evidences that we do not always know every fact, truth, or answer, at our earliest convienience.

Based upon study as a Creation, and filled lovingly with emotion from family desire, there is an idea, as I mentioned, I guess our Creator being very old and smart has previously considered.

Admittedly I myself have had loss of memory, lack of focus, and difficulty keeping track of whom our Oldest ancestor is, and as a descendant, I say, the situation for a Creation, in these difficulties, seems improvable.

Our Creator enjoys being our leader, I feel that.

This suggestion and offering is not meant to be a pressure or intended control, only instead, a cheering of what is expected to be an old idea or theory our Creator considered much long ago, and I myself find enjoyable and notice a potential of fun for it.

I am sharing it here in hopes anyone else in our family will enjoy it and maybe learn anything from it.

Our Creator, the Oldest family member had no higher age family to give a name, and as we have had handed down in our family names we trust upon it that our Creator enjoys Identity.

Our Creator began living and did not start with a name given upon them.

However for us Created it is common to have an ancestor or ancestors decide a name for us even earlier than when we are are born.

Merging those 2 historical parts of our family together, we notice our Creator invented names and supplied the teaching of languages and sounds for our family.

So here we have an idea to share these compiled studies findings.

My example is I am named David.

I was named this by my parent(s).

I am appreciative of this to be capable of responding when spoken to, and it also gives to my mind and memory a way to know of myself, by a identity similar to a recordable focus.

Maybe you would tell me if I asked you our Creators name is God, which by language can be translated as “Of Good”.

Maybe you have a different name for the Oldest.

Due to freedom for religion, and varying beliefs, and also any unknown, I find my study of trying to learn about our Creator difficult.

I have this difficulty connecting which religious story identifies with whom caused me to begin life.

I also have considered, has our Creator named me another name than the one my Creation parents gave me, whom are also descendants of the Creator.

In all of this the value of Identity is very sentimental.

I want to know myself and our parent.

As I pondered upon all this I decided to make a list, one that I wanted to talk to our Creator about.

I am going to share that list here below and I do want to say I mean no dishonor by this suggestion and I know the topic can be sensitive amongst many, as varying religions has led to frustrations.

Having “No Name” at start led to inventing names.

So as a nickname suggestion for our Creator, the idea is, if each language took the words for “No Name” and placed them connected together as 1 into forming a name, different in each language, but based upon dictionary and translation, it provides a description properly identifying our Creator and their living history.

This would give our Creator a name that is spoken and written differently in each language, however the identity and description of our parent would fit amongst different speaking family.

One name could be the same sound in every language such as God but history has proven that method difficult because certain languages changing pronunciation and I admittedly am no language expert however I expect other difficulties through translation.

One thing every language does seem to have in common is identity, naming, and description.

Having a name that is based upon words connected to form a single name in its own language that can be translated and connected in each language will allow for a historical notation being added into every language.

It would prevent an amount of difficulty caused by amnesia, and loss of focus, and even degradation of physical records that we have problematically noticed in our history.

Before I fully unveil the suggestion and offering, I will support this idea with some bible verses.

2 Corinthians 9:7 
Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Hebrews 13:16 
Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Luke 6:38 
Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Those are the supporting bible verses about giving gifts.

I expect our Creator names each Creation.

So to that good, I want to offer this nickname suggestion as a share return and thanks.

Below is the Nickname list idea notes.

“Our Creator And The Flexible Identity” 

To our Oldest Creator who began life alone, having no higher age parent to give a name, the words “no name” , residing in our languages, can be linked together to form a identity for our Creator, adapting to each language, bringing honor, excitement, fun, and full definition to whom which began living yet having no parent, and also, that life, becoming the Creator of our family, having desired to not be alone, now not alone, this offering of identity is made lovingly and beautifully, our Oldest Parent deserves the best, as family we are, these words doubling as identity and name, it is offered as a suggestive gift to the Parent whom is identifiable as our family, and we are thankful together to be family.

Language To Name Examples 
Based On A Dictionary Identity For The Oldest, Our Creator
(List is open to be updated with examples of added languages)

• English – “No Name” Becomes – Noname
• Spanish – Sinombre
• Greek – Chorisonoma
• African – Genam
• Macedonian – Nemaime
• Norwegian – Ingenavn
• Hindu – Koenamnahin
• Turkish – İsimsiz
• Indonesian – Tanpanama
• Corsican – Nisunome
• Italian – Senzanome
• Ukrainian – Beznazvy 

By providing this dictionary becoming name identity, we can remember our Creators history, as Creations this is a benefit of historical remembrance of our favorite family member, and provides us focus on whom our Oldest family member is, was, and will be. 

If you enjoy the fun and potential of this offering I am glad, as it was made lovingly, and with a passion to be a helper and friend to the one whom made us family.

(Under Construction)

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