Ezekiel 13:18

A time ago, I was reading a hard cover bible and simply opened the book randomly and it landed open on two pages, the first part of it I saw and read said “Beware of soul traders”.

Since then for years I have been searching online to find again, the verse name and number.

However, Google did not have record of that version apparently.

What I did find as a fit to offer WLTOP members the same quality of help with this that I wanted to offer was Ezekiel 13:18 made into a Oldest Parents Protection certificate.

As you can see above it lists you as a descendant of the Oldest Parents, and as extra if you feel the need you can sign it.

Enjoy, it is a good fit to duo this with our “Oldest Parent be my savior” certificate, you can find that in our menu, and at the below link.

Click Here For The Oldest Parent Be My Savior Certificate

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