God(e) and El

This page is dedicated to studying the connection between God(e) and EL, interestingly in the Turkish language Gode is translated as Guz-EL a very important connection study note. Because in ancient religion EL is the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The theory as below evidence estimates is simple, translating the name into English could be improved if written and pronounced as Gode.

The connections we have here between God(e) and EL give comprehension of that, especially as mentioned in the Turkish Languages record of Gode becoming Guz-EL.

If we try to translate God not Gode into Turkish it becomes “Tanri” lacking the connection to EL.

(We can also notice the word Golem is a mixture of God(e) and El, and this word was something used biblically to describe having been created from dust, dirt, ground, and or matter)



God – Tanri

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