God(e) and El

This page is dedicated to studying the connection between God(e) and EL, interestingly in the Turkish language Gode is translated as Guz-EL a very important connection study note.

Because in ancient religion EL is the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The theory as below evidence estimates is simple, translating the name God into English could be improved if written and pronounced as Gode.

The connections we have here between God(e) and EL give comprehension of that.

Another evidence to notice is the Hebrew “יהוה” name which was translated to become God(e), the first letter of that 4-letter name is “Yodh” which shares the same sound as “Gode”.

If we try to translate God not Gode into Turkish it becomes “Tanri” lacking the connection to EL.

(We can also notice the word Golem is a mixture of God(e) and El, and this word was something used biblically to describe having been created from dust, dirt, ground, and or matter)



God – Tanri

(This section and the translations of Canaanism is under construction for me to do research and elaborate, have patience)

The religion based upon belief that EL is the Creator of Heaven and Earth is sometimes referred to as semitic paganism, but this is more titles than a name itself.

By translating the name Canaanism into languages different than English we can take a look at a proper fit for this specific religion,while admitting, “Semitic Paganism” is a more broad and also vague term it allows for a description connected to Canaanism.

Canaanism being based upon EL and the history of Heaven and Earth with him as its Creator, while semitic paganism being based upon polytheism that possibly includes EL.

In each of these languages, the name for the religion is translated fittingly into a different language and as you can see, they normally have specific spoken words for it in the languages.

In Hebrew the word for Canaanism is Kanaanim, meaning “A Animation Can“.

In Arabic it is Kananaya, this meaning “Can Yay or Nay, Can Yes or No, Can Choose“.

In Estonian it is Kaanlased which seemingly would be “The Word Of El Happens” (Can El Said).

In Tamil it is Cananium, this becomes “Can Animate Itself“.

Tigrinya does not on web currently have the spoken translation but the direct translation of Canaanism as you can see becomes a name in their language. In Tigrinya writing the name Canaanism is “ከነኣኒዝም
(Very beautiful text).

In Turkish it is “Kenancılık“, I will study this one more.
(Its piecing together of text seems to be something such as “El Is First To Have Grown” or “El is First“).

As you can see the name for the ancient religion based upon belief El is the Creator of Heaven and Earth has much base to be called Canaanism.

A deconstruction of the name Canaanism is in this theory “Can And Is Animated”, this description referring to Creationism and as we become alive, as life being animated.

The term used in the translations “Animate, Animation”, are linked to the description “Golem”, being made of matter, flesh and soul, and as put together, being alive, and functional.

A Golem starts as its parts, when it becomes made alive, it is animated, such as movements, actions, capabilities.

The name for the living similar to how the definition Creature links us together, Golem is more focused on the word “Life” and Creature focused on Creationalism.

Golem is a name that can have meaning as “El and Me Together” (Connected to the word Family).

The history of using the term Golem to refer to the living is not only based upon dirt alone, but family history.

Listen to a story I learned from our family.

Everything began from Nothing, Nothing became Space, Space eventually led to materials becoming a part of itself.

Our Creator began life due to these things happening.

The materials collided and mixed together over time not measurable.

These things formed together, and when these parts and the Nothing which could also be called Space, became suitable for life to possibly start due to proper happenings, those materials that mixed together, began life, and that is our Creators beginning.

The term Golem was invented explaining this history, that before a life begins, its materials come together, and when together properly and a success happens, a new life begins.

To easiest explain the title “Golem”, it is someone who was made from materials and not yet alive, they became alive, and then, were at that time, the materials, and or as a form of ownership, a “Body”, which is commonly, flesh and soul.

(Under Construction, Have Patience)

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