Remembering El

The history of Heaven and Earth has brought forth many names for ancestors and descendants.

Because the Bible (and Tanakh) is the most popular trending of our world religions, I want to help bring attention to exploring its history.

It was Canaanism, Canaanism became Judaism, Judaism became Christianity.

In the ancient times of Canaan, the known name for the Creator of Heaven and Earth was “EL”.

To consider the old Canaanite religion, compared to the changes that have happened, it would be similar to saying.

“In the Beginning, EL Created Heaven and Earth”.

A group of Canaanites later became the Jews, who worshipped Yodh He Waw He (Or Yahweh, or YHWH) (Also known as the LORD).

Then later, the religion further branched out, becoming Christianity and worshipping to the name “God”.

WLTOP is meant to honor our ancestors and bring us together as one family.

Because of our goal, this page is here to record the name of one of our oldest ancestors as “El”.

In ancient times many places had worship to El, however, over the years the practice of the name has become more and more lost.

❤ Here we are attempting to keep the love for “El” alive. ❤

Below is an ancient Canaanite structure of a family tree.
(Athirat is sometimes called “Asherah”, but the historical records show that is a nickname that described her later in history, her earlier name being Athirat).

Heres a fun background to remember El and honor him.

With this page we remember the name and ancestor “El”, also doing so, with good love.

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