Remembering El

The history of Heaven and Earth has brought forth many names for ancestors and descendants.

Because the Bible (and Tanakh) is the most popular trending of our world religions, I want to help bring attention to exploring its history.

In the beginning, ELCreated Heaven and Earth.

This is the oldest verse to be found in the BibleTanakh, and Book of EL.
(Bible is a word that came from the Greek word “Biblos” which means “Book“, so Biblos Le, also Biblos El, actually is translated as “Book Of EL“.

It is believed, worshiping EL is beneficial and can be a part of good health.

It was Canaanism, Canaanism became Judaism, Judaism became Christianity.

WLTOP is meant to honor our ancestors and bring us together as one family.

Because of our goal, this page is here to record the name of one of our oldest ancestors as “EL“.

In ancient times many places had worship using the name EL, however, over the years the practice has become more and more lost.

❤ Here we are attempting to keep the love for “EL” alive. ❤

Heres a fun background to remember EL and honor him.

With this page we remember the name and ancestor “EL“, also doing so, with good love.

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