Remembering Jehova(h)

Jehova is one of the Ancestors that we here at We Love The Oldest Parents want to appreciate.

The lineage of Jehova as a form of Old Parent is notable amongst biblical sources, and even has been suggested in form by our LORD.

Here is a snippet of a Bible verse, relating to such the topic.

While a lot of sources merge Lord Yodh He Waw He with Lord Jehova, some sources suggest they are not the same person, yet family in similar situations of ancestry.

At WLTOP we make a lot of effort to worship our ancestors, by choice, and also freely, so it is important that this pathway to Jehova appreciation be shared here.

While we suggest Lord Yodh He Waw He and Lord Jehova are two separate family members, it is also important to note that their relationship is a good one, we by no means suggest the lesser.

Jehova is mentioned as a ruler, who has much authority and rightly so.

The worship of Jehova is done much by those who claim to be “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, however, as example of our USA and freedom to religion, worship is a very flexible thing.

I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, yet I worship both Lord Yodh He Waw He and Lord Jehova.

The thing about worshipping old ancestors, even the oldest, is that it is meant to benefit us the more we do it.

So even if your religious direction is focused upon one specific family member, adding in other ancestors, can be a good thing to supplement.

So, for those of us who worship Jehova, we love you Jehova, and we make note here, your descendants are good people.

Below is a prayer to Jehova,

Dear Ancestor Jehova,

It is with love that we present our offerings of friendship to you,

As you are older than us and our ancestor,

Please remember us kindly,

It is our desire to please you and give you thanks,

Truly our family is improved having you as a part of it.

Thank you Jehova, from We Love The Oldest Parents

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