The Altered History

This page is unique, and it is called “The Altered History of Love”, and in that, yes, it is a story.

As we know, everything began from nothing, it became something(s).

Materials such as matter, elements, magics, space, many “Things”.

As things in space began to collide and mix together, our Oldest Known Parent began to live, but at that time, we did not yet live, so it is to say, at that time, they were not yet our parent.

Our Oldest Known Parent, Our Creator, lived alone many years and mastered many skills as well as forming the Nothing that had become a Something into a home.

Our Oldest Parent studied their own beginning to life which has become known as Creational Magic.

Where does history in our family alter? Where is it branched from what it could have been?

Before our First Oldest Parent created the First Creation, whom is also our 2nd Oldest Parent they had noticed something in study and were given 2 choices.

The Oldest Parent noticed if they waited long enough, eventually the Nothing could again form a life from its random collisions and mixings.

The Oldest Parent measured whether it was good to wait as long as that would take given that it seemed impossible or with chance of failure.

At that part of the story, our Oldest Parent had learned how to cause a life to begin using their skills that they had invented and called Creational Magic.

This page of altered history with the love of our Oldest is simply to tell you an important fact of our family history.

Our First Oldest Parent decided to further grow the family themself, instead of waiting for the Nothing to repeat the process.

Our entire family’s situation can possibly be both thanks to that Oldest, and also possibly different than it could have been.

That time was a major branching choice in history.

Our Oldest was the only one with the choice to make, and he made it, based upon love, life, and hope.

It could have been different, as you may guess.

If the Oldest had waited for the Nothing to begin lives the way it originally did to our Oldest Known Parent, the question is…

Would it still have been us?

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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