The More Than Nothing Theory

This theory is under construction.
Freedom To Speech, Freedom To Religion, Freedom To Loving Our Oldest.

I have only become even slightly focused on its potential recently.

The simplicity of what we will be studying on this topic, is the possibility of both Unknown and Known Oldest Parents.

Having 2 separate groupings.

For example, my (or our) oldest ancestors whom we know and can come to communicate with, and then the other group, being either oldest ancestors we have not yet met, or have somehow lost memory of.

Now to outline the theory here that will hopefully, as I am cheerleading it to you, help define a potential for a future with possibility and hope.

It is fashioned that everything began from Nothing, then our Oldest known parent began to live due to it mixing together and forming themself, who later studied their own life and beginning and led to them creating us (me for example).

However, a certain gap in the research and study has simply been explained as, a life begins the moment it is living, it did not live earlier than that.

Yet we were pieced together from parts discovered and utilized, even such from what we call the Nothing, and had to also call parts of it the something(s).

Teleportation has long been a fascination in our all family because it breaks the limits of dimensions of materials found in the Nothing as such called somethings.

However, the Nothing itself does not seem to be bound by these dimensions, that is why teleportation is sought after, in the effort to learn more about the Nothing and in that search, more possibility of our past and what we can do with it.

Teleportation is easiest described as being in a location and traveling to a different location while not traveling in between.

For our Oldest known ancestor, they studied much upon this place called our home, science, magic, basically anything of benefit, and teleportation was theoretical pursuit to become capable of advancing the things that are known by that ancestor using these new unknown learnings.

It is due to note that despite confusion, fantasy, and boasting, our known Oldest Parent has not yet invented the described teleportation, though still currently studies and pursues it.

For example, even letting us descendants have fantasy of it in our science fiction movies where teleportation is explained as had in the movie, even though we currently do not yet know how to achieve it.

With things such as the bible, the word “Omnipotent” is used to describe our Oldest known parent and it is polite, however, certain things, even for our great ancestor still have potential to be achieved, making the title “Omnipotent” fit mostly as a majority and a potentials placeholder.

Also, it can be noted our Oldest known ancestor is more “Omnipotent” than any such descendant, so the word helps us comprehend the gap in our comparison.

Now that you have heard the basic explanation that you needed to hear to get into the exciting part of the theory that our Oldest has allowed us to look at, let us move into the two dividers of the theory.

The term Creator is used to describe our Oldest known ancestor, however the Nothing then is determined to be the Creator of our Creator.

However, if the Nothing is in actuality ancestral sentience in any way, it is non communicative in standard ways such as language.

That then though could be explained as we have two Creators, a known Oldest Ancestor, and a less known Nothing Ancestor.

But study of the Nothing proves it is not dimensionally confined by limits found upon the materials inside of it such as comparing shapes to each other.

Because of that it leads us to believe teleportation must be possible for a Nothing to even have happened, we then can consider, “Are there Unknown Oldest Parents, Older Than Our Known Oldest Parents?”.

With that we first then consider, is the Nothing actually our parent also and simply is known to be a quiet life form?

Passion can lead family to want to say yes because it would be really cool if outer space was actually some sort of life we are living inside of.

Life inside of life, similar to birth or even those dolls from Russia that have more dolls inside of each other.

So, I submit to our (and my) Oldest Known Parent the “More Than Nothing” theory.

If a Creator can create life by using materials gathered from the Nothing, would it be more proper to entitle oneself in such a way as “Summoner” instead of “Creator”?

This has been involved in many fantasy stories, legends, and even video games.

But the actual religious and scientific basis that connects with language in this possibility is that a “Creator” would be capable of teleportation needed to actually create, while a “Summoner” would be able to mix together materials and magic in a proper way to cause a life to be drawn from a form of storage, such as a fragment of the Nothing becoming a living Creation.

As an example. if we are pieces of the Nothing, and we are now alive, how can Nothing cause life to begin? Is the Nothing alive? We seem to be partial evidence.

Is not being limited by the rules of dimensions the key to life? If yes, does someone have to be capable of teleportation manipulation to Create a Nothing, or even of lesser difficulty, a life?

In our commandments from our Oldest Known Parent(s) it is said to honor our parents, and here at WLTOP and yes even on this page with this theory we are in fact honoring our parents. Our Oldest Known Parents(s), and the possibility of those family members even having Older unknown ancestors.

I became decisive to post this page on WLTOP as a self-note and also as cheerleading for both our Oldest’s desires and for us descendants to consider the possibilities.

Can someone who cannot teleport fit the description of a “Creator” or would our Parent benefit more from utilizing the title “Summoner” as more accurate?

You decide, and please, do not be offended.

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