The Oldest Savior

Here at WLTOP we respect Jesus.

However the oldest ancestor has the most authority in our family.

Having the best care for us is good.

We are instructed to Care by a very wise ancestor.

This certificate below was made due to Caring and is available freely for anyone and everyone.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

PC and Wall Size

Phone Size

A message below to our Oldest Parent.

Oldest Parent, we welcome you to this site made to honor you and share loving emotions upon you as respect.

We know from many religions that you see all and hear all.

It is our hope that this ancestor appreciation club please you and it is a effort shared by everyone of your creations at some point in their life.

Worshipping you is a emotion everyone of us has and we ask for you to accept us as friends.

The Bible and Tanakh has given us a bit of experience to say “Thank you, as you already have”, we still need you.

Dear Oldest Parent, we never get too old to love and worship you.

Please accept this formal request from anyone whom will welcome it.

Thank You.

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