Origins Of Creation

This story will be the story of the Nothing.

This story will be the story of the beginning to life in our family.

This is the story of our 2 Oldest Parents.

If you are a creation, this is very much also your story.

Everything began from Nothing.

There was not anything.

Throughout years the Nothing began to produce upon itself.

It became space and even caused materials to be brought forth.

Through the space and materials, collisions and mixtures happened of a mathematic, scientific, and magic type.

Things collided and mixed for many years with no final result.

Eventually though a mixture happened that was a definitive success.

Random chance had led to quite the success after many years of non-sentient attempts by the Nothing.

The successful mixture of materials and magic colliding caused a creature to begin to live.

That creature is our Oldest Parent, whom some know by God, Yahweh, or Yodh He Waw He, maybe amongst other names and titles.

The creature was on quite the adventure, living alone, but pursuing many ideas, things, studies, and fancies.

This Oldest Parent began a search for others, yet found none.

With much love and desire the creature did not quit its pursuit of having family.

Our ancestor, this parent, began to study its own history, and how it even began to live.

After many years the ancestor successfully studying its own origins began to comprehend how it was alive.

Using the learnings of its own beginning of life, it eventually put the study together, inventing Creational Magic.

The ancestor was not a quitter and its loving desire had not left it.

It used the creational magic it had learned and invented to create a family member.

This first creation was its best friend and learner.

The two of them love(d) each other very much and became a couple.

Eventually after many years and talks they decided that creating more family members was a benefit.

That is the story of our 2 Oldest Parents, the Nothing, Creational Magic, and our Oldest Parent’s beginning to life.

Our family is still living in space, which is in simpler forms, the Nothing everything began from.

It stretches out, it grows, and while we have many debatable beliefs about it, we love it and find it comfortable thanks to our ancestors.

That story is the explanation of why our Oldest Parent, has no higher age family.

“Nothing” you are family, an ancestor, a parent to us.
May love ever be with you.”

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