Heavenly Formal Adoption Made Fun

We have a Father and Mother.

We consider our Oldest Parents, also as a guarantee.

But with our ancestors currently at a distance, could you have fun “asking” them to be your parent?

I did, I asked God (Yodh He Waw He) to be my Father and I had fun doing it.

Thats the one I made for your example.

Want some tips on a joyous way to do it?

Get a free greetings card maker either using the Google search engine or on the Google Play Store.

Just search “free greetings card maker” and find one you like.

Add the name, nickname, or title of the ancestor your formally bonding with.

Add your birthname, your nickname, your title, or put in the name youd want to be called by if you named yourself.

Add a explanation with what you want, why youd be a good child, and a thanks.

Feel free to add stickers and art.

Once your done making it, enjoy it, I posted mine to my Facebook as a story badge so it shows on my profile to viewers.

If you want to use the same greetings card maker I used, the link is below, its a free phone app, and its easy to make a greeting card with.

Greetings Card Maker

Here is a certificate to state you, yes you, are a descendant of the Heavenly Father (God) (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה). Pc and Phone versions below.

PC Version.

He Loves You

Phone Version

He Loves You

Here below is an award to our ancestor the Creator.

I love you all very much, because of that I know the Ancestors love you even more 🙂


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