Family Anti-Hate

This page is dedicated to offering effort to protect our family’s happiness and do so in a way that the Oldest Parents approve of.

In our Oldest Parents commandments, we find the verse to not covet.

In the bible and tanakh itself we find an early form verse telling brothers not to hate brothers.

Let us take a We Love The Oldest Parents approach to how we can obey our Oldest, love our family, and have everyone in this all family have the freedoms and benefits they deserve.

First, we will take a look at the commandments in current form (A.D. 2022)
(Click to enlarge)

The Bible and Tanakh’s current translation of the verse touches upon the topic in a way of death that the commandments themself forbid, and due to that we now have an improved WLTOP verse.

This meaning is that the commandments came from the Oldest, but the bibles verse that mentioned hate and loss of eternal life due to it was not commandments from the Oldest.
(Neither do the Oldest Parents allow any family member to lose eternal life, they forbid such a thing and keep family eternally)

Here below we have an art of a verse fit for the standards of We Love The Oldest Parents mixed with the commandments that our Oldest descended through the ancestral lineage.

Here is the We Love The Oldest Parents verse for not hating, and as mentioned it fits into the standards of the love the Oldest have for us, and also their 10 commandments.

The We Love The Oldest Parents family anti-hate standard is that hating thy brother is a form of coveting and because of that, the hate yields no reward.

I hope everyone can benefit from such a protection.

The verse is truthful and honest in a loving way of attempting to keep peace amongst such a large family.

Enjoying brotherly friendship and benefitting was one of the Oldest Parents plans for this family.

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