Family Repayment Note

My favorite item I own is a ring.
I bought it from, a jewelry company.

The ring has engraved upon it “We Love The Oldest Parents” surrounded by hearts.

This, what I call a gift, as it was crafted customized for me, was affordable in a honest seeming way.

In all of my memory that I have, no other item I have owned here has given me as much hope.

That is why I am leaving a note here to show you what it is and pray something to the Creator and First Creation.

Dear Oldest Parents,

The family has given me a truly good gift.
I would like to give the family a good gift worthy of the thanks.

Sometime in the future, Oldest Parents,
Can you help make it possible for me do something for our family worth receiving.

Tungsten Carbide

The ring is made of Black Tungsten Carbide which I have been taught is near as strong as diamonds.

Monk Ring

I purchased the ring to enforce my pursuit of a Creator Intended Marriage.

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