Original Marriage

What is original marriage?

Our Creator married the First Creation.

That is explained in hints and descriptions of many religions’ early notes

The old order of marriage as it is explained was that, as above, family member 1 married family member 2.

But it continued in this order.

3 married 4, 5 married 6, etc.

That in ancient times was what our Creator wanted.

Nowadays we are left with a hint in the 10 commandments of the changing of that.

The commandment to not fornicate still lingers, even though our Creator is gentle upon our free wills.

The choices we make are ours, and the Creator always intended, and does intend, to make the best of that.

Given good guidance can truly be a blessing, and that is what our Creator believed.

This page is here as a note to remind us of these things, and for each one of us, to do with it as we will.

Whatever future you make, the Oldest Parents love you.

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