The Dead Sea Scrolls

This page is a work in progress and is estimated to be under construction for a more than year length of time.

Our goal here is that ancient biblical aligned texts were found between 1947 and 1956 called “The Dead Sea Scrolls” that tell of tales involving Bible and Tanakh related stories and we wish to make them available here whether directly or indirectly.

The scrolls found were weathered and damaged and written in Hebrew.

Currently I cannot find a English translated source at wealth on google, and it seems they are in the process of making progress on it becoming available in English, online.

This page is basically a under construction place holder to give me memory to occasionally do a search for updates on the translation and to redo this page with the actual end result when it does become available.

They have been working on these scrolls for years and I estimate them to be properly translated and available to us within a few years.

Currently we can find some English translations yet not exactly always full or guaranteed completely accurate.

So while we wait for the full official translations, I will post a couple links to view partial information about them.

Below is a link to the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls website, it seems to have pictures of the scrolls as written not in english and possibly not every scroll being available for view.

Click Here To Go To The Digital Dead Sea Scroll Project Website

Below is a link to the Scrolls From The Dead Sea Project, hosting some pictures and info on the scrolls and project, while also their seems to not be a yet found english translation.

Click Here To Go To The Scrolls From The Dead Sea Project Website

The most complete English translation I can find appears to be a good source but it doesnt seem to be official so I am going to post it, however I will still try to wait patiently for the actual official one. I would like to note to the author, we do appreciate your translation, thank you.

Below is the link to a claimed to be full translation though to note it is 804 pages long and I have not read it.

Click Here For An Unofficial English Translation Of The Dead Sea Scrolls

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