Divine Learning Game

“The Only Creation” is a learning game with divinity and friendship as its features.

It is played by 2 or more friends.

It teaches, sympathy, and empathy, and should facilitate compassion.

Each turn one of the friends is the creation.

The other players that turn are the creator(s).

The creator(s) are intended to, while in that turn, ask and answer questions as if they created the creation and want to learn more about it.

The creation is intended to, while in that turn, ask and answer questions as if they are the only creation and the other players are one creator.

At the start of the game, each player gets to pick one topic, and it is written onto a topic list.

Each topic is assigned a number.

The numbers are written down on paper and their numbers are hidden.

The papers get mixed and each player gets one of the unknown numbers.

The player who gets number 1 plays as the creation first, the next creation being 2.

Each turn the creation goes first, asking the creator(s) a question that a creator would have the answer to, based on the topic the creation has.

The creator(s) debate how best to answer the question, come to an agreement, and answer the question.

It is then the creator(s) turn. They debate on a question to ask the creation based on the topic the creation has, they come to an agreement, and ask the creation one question.

Asking the creator(s) a question is intended to result in learning more about divine perspective from your friend(s).

Asking the creation a question is intended to result in learning more about your friend.

An example is, the creator(s) try to answer the question as they believe God or Goddess would.

The way the players answer as a creator is based upon their perspective of how our oldest parents think.

The way the players question each other is based upon their desire to learn more from a source of greater knowledge.

(Assuming it is possible for a creator to learn something from a creation, keep in memory, our oldest parent was alone before it first created, so as an example, loving someone else was new)

A more feature filled way to play this game is to keep a journal of playing it.

Such as writing down the players names, the questions asked, and the answers given.

It can be simplified by, on the first page writing down the players names, next the topics and their numbers.

Then you write down the name of the creation and write down the question it asks along with the answer.

Then you write down “Creator” along with the question it asks as well as the answer.

If earlier you wrote down the names of all players, when you write down the name of the creation, you do not need to rewrite the name(s) of players playing the creator, because everyone who is not the creation is visibly seen then earlier in the player list.

Ill make a example journal entry here for you.

Sunday, November 8, 2020, 8:09 AM

David, Sarah, Jordan, Rebeccah, Paul, Rose

1 Space
2 Immortality
3 Love
4 Magic
5 Early History
6 The Future

Round 1 Space

Creation: Sarah

Sarah’s Question:
How many planets are there?

2, Maybe More

Creators’ Question:
If you could live on earth or mars which would you prefer?

Answer: The older one

Round 2 Immortality

Creation: Jordan

Jordan’s Question:
Did you begin immortal?

Part of my body yes, the other parts I improved to similar levels

Creators’ Question:
If I sold immortality how much would it be worth?

Every savings I get until the last day of the life I currently have

As you can see from the example journal entry, if you write down all players names once, then on each creation turn, write down that creations name, you then dont need to write down all 6 names each time.

The hopes for this game are to have fun while also being educational, it is a good way to learn more about friends and their love for our ancestors.

If our oldest parent is omnipotent and can see and hear us at all times, this may be enjoyable for our oldest parent to witness.

I hope you like the game.

Much love.

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