The Forgotten Books Of Eden

Have you read the bible?

Genesis is vague, and only describes key notes.

Would you like to learn more about God, Adam, and Eve.

The Forgotten Books Of Eden are historical record, happening around the time of the Garden Of Eden.

While the books are mysterious and full of story, they were not included in the bible.

The books start the story at the point of after Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The stories involve a time of magic, wonder and mystery.

Since the books begin after Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil not much is explained of what happened earlier then that.

Some key notes of the books are

Adam is Gods son.

Eve is Gods daughter.

God’s name is a part of The Tree Of Knowledge of Go(o)d and Evil.

Eve’s name is a part of The Tree Of Knowledge of Good and Eve(-ill).

Adam seeks to gain friendship with God, Eve accompanies Adam.

God gives Adam and Eve permission to marry each other.

Adam resists the mischief involved with whom God refers to as Satan. (Jewish testament describes Satan as a title that means “against”)

Eve gives birth to Cain, Able, Luluwa, Aklea, and Seth. (Genesis mentions Eve as the Mother of all the living)

Satan confuses Cain into killing Able.

Cain is shot with an arrow.

God promises to save Adam and all his children when Gods plan is complete.

The First Books Of Adam And Eve
Chapter 3 Verse 6
“Then God in His mercy for Adam who was made after His own image and similitude, explained to him, that these were 5,000 and 500 years; and how he would then come and save him and his descendants.”

Adam lives many years and then supposedly dies and is laid to rest in the cave of treasures.

Adam speaks to his descendant Jared as if Adam is revived.

In Depth Deciphering

The great 5 and a half days that was translated as 5,500 years is possibly 5 and a half events.

God mentions to Adam about Jesus Christ, instructing Adam on what to do.

(The story here makes it seem like God will be Jesus for Adam but in the new testament God speaks down from the sky saying “This is my beloved son, with whom I am pleased”)

This signifies God was actually preordering Adam when he mentioned Jesus.

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