Why Truth Is Eternal

One of the smartest things any religion can proclaim is that truth is eternal.

But why is truth certainly eternal?

In life, to survive, we must be truthful, the other path leads to danger.

Think of it like a hole in the ground.

No Truth: Theres no hole up ahead.

(Ouch I fell into a hole)

Truth: There is a hole ahead I should avoid it.

(Yay I didnt get hurt, because I avoided the hole)

Early life for our Oldest Parent was full of mystery, luck, and danger.

Outer Space isnt always comfy.

Our Oldest Parent survived dangers and even thrived thanks to being truthful with themself.

The skill of truth was passed down to creations.

We practice it and benefit from it.

Truth really is a survival skill.

Avoid that hole my friends.

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