WLTOP Rainbow Heart

“To the chooser of Destruction,
We Guard ourselves upon the Love of our Oldest Parents”

The WLTOP Rainbow Heart was inspired in 2 ways.

The Loving connection with our Ancestors, and the sympathies of Creation upon Creation.

It was the Biblical and Tanakhic story between Israel and Egypt that came to mind in choosing this safety charm.

Israels complaints were heard, and an ancestor in the story dealt harshly with the Egyptians.

We do not mean to harm upon either side emotionally, but we noticed that the last plague that happened to Egypt never should have happened, to anyone, in our all family.

We here are hoping to embrace our ancestors in settling negotiations of younger lives in peace and friendship.

Whether you literally believe in the old history, or see it as a morale lesson, we want no destroyer attitude amongst us, it can be said, we learned from the story, and the Egyptians, unfortunately were the tear full teachers.

It is Good for us now, that we remember to love and not hate, to be merciful and gentle, as our Oldest Parents are.

A prayer below, for the sake of peace.

Dear Ancestors and Family,

We are an Eternal Family,

It is Good to not damage our Friendships,

There is a way to fix anything, and at it in Good,

It is Love we seek to make us pleasantly happy and entertained in fun,

Should you protect your family, We ask to remind you, We are all family,

You have our support,

It is trusted to you that you are Gentle, and it is a favorite quality of you,

We pray you find a Merciful solution, in times of Destruction.

❤ A Special “We Love You” To Israel, Egypt, And The LORD ❤

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