A Prayer For Our Best Friends

I have a fun yet emotionally deep secret im about to reveal to the reader…

A kind of prayer for our God and his Wife.

Wanna hear it?

Early in 2020 I started our We Love The Oldest Parents club, its like a church youth group for any age and religion

Stick with me, to comprehend the secret, I have to explain a few things

Okay imagine theirs 6 family members, sorted by age, 1 being the oldest

1 and 2 birthed 3 and 4
3 and 4 birthed 5 and 6

If family members 3 and 4 are in California

And family members 1,2,5, and 6 are in Montana

The oldest parent in California is family member 3

So whats the point?

If you believe in God, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about him

The bible hints hes never found anyone older than him

But we love God, and we wish he could find, or we hope he will find, if possible, family members that are older, for his sake, it would be nice if someone older than him gave him a pat on the back and said good job son

So whats the secret?

Well with the explanation in mind, realize,

Our oldest known parents are nicknamed God and Goddess, but if they ever in their adventure find anyone older out there

Then We Love The Oldest Parents will be supplemented, having more direction and meaning.

The group basically supports the oldest parents we know, and it leaves open love for higher ages should they be found

So our group is emotionally supporting the God and Goddesses desire to find their own parents

And if God is older than you, hes had plenty of time to consider it a happy situation to have a parent

I am not sure if that idea will stress anyone

Our creator was lonely and wanted family, creating us is proof of that

Trust me, if God did have a older parent, and they loved him, hed be happier

Our effort and emotional loyalty, our sympathy and empathy, its a good thing

I hope you enjoyed this secret

Love you oldest parents, and you too siblings.

Good luck God and Goddess

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