Website Updates (Major)

Book Sorting

Some of you may be noticing a change in the books section of our site.

Each individual book of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series was available on for $6.08

I compiled the first five books of the series into a single book called

“A Offering Of Origins”

The compilation is available for $10.63 which is a cheaper way to go than the previous method.

The compilation is Full Color and Glossy Paper.

You can still get all five books for free as digital ebook copies from the Google Play Store.

For links to download the ebooks, for free, use our sites menu under the tab “Book Series”.

I hope this doesnt hinder anyone, the idea is to be a little more organized while also giving our viewers the best price we can offer.

To view the nonprofit compilation book on the Amazon Store use the below link.

Click Here

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