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The Children Of Animals, A Dedicational Prayer

I was browsing news reports about the new covid stimulus and a strange and horrid news article caught my attention.

Heres the title of the news article.

“Springwatch viewers horrified as baby owl ripped apart by its mum and fed to siblings”.

Click Here To Read Article

In the younger area of my life my Mom raised birds and two of them had missing body parts due to their parents doing something similar.

If I remember right one bird was missing a whole leg, the other bird some toes.

Now, my feathers are ruffled.

Here at WLTOP we worship, love, and appreciate our parents.

Children, whether human or animal do not deserve a bad relationship with parents.

I have decided in book 7 of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series, Im going to put in a dedication prayer that our Oldest Parents stop animals from eating and/or killing their own children.

I will post what I am thinking below.

The prayer may get improved a bit as it goes into the book.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We love and worship you.

You deemed it necessary for us creations to have more than 2 parents.

We desire to have a good relationship with you, and also, with the other parents you entrusted us to.

Animals have been living in fear and hunger for a long time now.

Whats made it worse then that…

Some animals have been killing and/or eating the children you entrusted them with.

I am not a animal.

But I am a sibling creation… I love our whole family.

I beg you, our Oldest parents, with this prayer, I beg that you prevent parents from abusing children.

No child deserves to be killed and/or eaten by its parent.

This book series is a religious offering.

Book 7 of the series is dedicated with this prayer for the sake of the baby owl that was killed by its mother and fed to its siblings.

I plead that baby owls soul has rest and comfort, the same for all in similar situations.

Thank you for listening Oldest Parents.

A gift art is below as offering of the prayer.

Prayer To Stop Child Abuse

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