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Video Game Dungeon Crushers

Tonight I have a suggestion of fun and education.

The game is called Dungeon Crushers. It is an online multiplayer idle rpg.

It features a chat system. Clan teamups. Rebirth/prestige system. Artifacts, as well as hero customization.

Now Im going to be honest with you about two things.

This game is incredibly fun.

This game is difficult at the start.

The reason its so challenging is because if you dont follow certain hero rarity up strategies, as well as avoid buying a few certain artifacts, your progress will be doomed.

Now dont sweat it yet because their is good news.

The games chat system will allow you to ask veteran players for help on what rarity strategy to pursue, what artifacts to avoid, and by searching google you can find the guides.

I highly recommend reading the strategy guides on google and or asking for help by using the chat system.

The worst case scenario is if you make a mess of your account you can reset it to being a new account and start from the beginning.

Heres a ingame screenshot.

While this game is similar to “Clicker Heroes” in my opinion its currently a little ahead of it in content.

Below is a link to the free game on Google Play

Dungeon Crusher On Google Play

I hope you enjoyed this suggestion.

Have a beautiful night.

You deserve it.

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