Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

B.G.O. Book 8 Chapter 3 Sneak Peak

“The Purposes To Not Be Alone”

What can a team of two do that one cannot, what can be improved? Well efficiency can be improved. Two people gathering and managing resources increases the speed at which we have things. But what is even more important? Our creator is smart and has worked long at becoming skilled and experienced. Love has been desired a long time. But when we love someone we want to prove to them how vastly we love them. It is a gift and a blessing.

Mystery after mystery our creator has solved. Still some things remain unknown and unfound. Maybe more than has been obtained. With two sentient living lovers, putting together their knowledge may possibly be the solution to solving leftover mysteries and obtaining more pleasant wealth. Maybe even the answer to finding other family.

So how can things like this be achieved? Travel has been a solution to many difficulties of life. As we now know, travel brings family closer together and brings them farther apart. This is something our creator thought much on in early life. Expecting the answer to finding family was to go from one place to another. It is quite possible this could be a way to do what has yet not been done, which is to find older family than our creator.

An old learning was split in two. Everything began from Nothing. The Nothing is all and there is no outside the Nothing. The other path was, the Nothing is some type of container and there is an outside of this place, this Nothing, now with something. The old belief that there is an outside to the Nothing was strong and desirous. But with lack of success due to small patience, brings exhaustion, doubt, sadness.

Our creator hoped and desired for much time to find the outside of this place that the same creator began to live in. Was it for the pursuit to learn knowledge, or was it to find a parent? The lack of success at finding a way out of this Nothing, caused our creator to become disheartened, usually having success at other pursuits if simply putting forth enough effort, lacking to find a way outside this place in the expected time length was a frustrating situation, and our creator began to curiously consider other possibilities to the Nothing such as there was no way out. Even considering the possibility that the outside was a deathly type of dangerous and this space was the only place life could begin due to any other possible area being too harsh, partially this thinking was because life in this place at early was difficult and slightly dangerous for our creator, thinking other places would be worse is not far fetched.

After many years of our creator losing hope of the past desire to learn more and find more. Our creator gains a renewed curiousity of hope that having more family than oneself could possibly lead to a solution. Maybe by increasing efficiency at traversing this space to find its border, or possibly some kind of gain to knowledge that gives an easier solution than simply traveling this emptiness attempted in one direction, hoping to last the travel long enough to find something.

Our creator is good, and their creation good. This is a team based on love and passion. With the creator becoming a parent to the creation, now a parent was actually local, maybe this insertion of parent child relationship would lead to the answer of the two somehow finding other family, possibly older than the creator.

These are the things and mysteries our creator desired to gain, and pursued obtaining, and still…to this day…has small hope is possible.

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