Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

My Siblings Are Cooler Than Fool

Tonight I am happy, it seems my prayer has been answered.

Tonight I am feeling a lot of love for you siblings, yes you.

Gonna pitch in a prayer in your favor.

You deserve the love.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I have been pranked and I have been goofed,

But it doesnt stop me from loving them, and loving you.

My sadness turned to joy, the creators satisfied ploy.

From the lowest of moments we rise, together with highs,

These siblings that I love, and the Father above,

We wish for peace yet fun, and for our lives to never be done,

May everyone have as good of a time as possible, with our desire plausible,

For us to be, a happy family,

These siblings I do measure, that they are quite the treasure,

Not everyone the same, makes fuller the game,

A friendly quest, of the best,

To entertain each other, sister and brother,

I love these siblings and they love me.

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