Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Major)

Social Media Updates On Site

Redid the WLTOP intro video.

Hopefully it is more attractive, we had 5 YouTube subscribers and with this new video I am very much hoping to get more subscribers.

Added our Tumblr account to the social media icons at the top and bottom of the site.

I will add it to the page list of our social media menu tonight.

Started a Instagram account which I feel as smart and experienced as a tumble weed on, kinda just rolling.

I am expecting to try and get a few Tumblr and Instagram followers tonight by following people I find on the site.

If you got some free time please peek at the new YouTube intro video and if you like it feel free to subscribe.

I connected Tumblr to the WLTOP Word Press site control panel so I am expecting that when we have a new blog post here it will also post the content to the Tumblr.

I am hoping branching out on these social medias gives us more freedom and enjoyment.


I think I am having biscuits and gravy for breakfast….much awesome, one of my faves, I think its going to be a good morning 🙂

❤ Hope you are all enjoying your day, thanks for reading, much love ❤

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