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Can I Have Your Opinion? A Petition Idea

I browse facebook occasionally wishing people a happy birthday and getting involved with jokes and love.

I saw a advertisement a few times for petitions from a website called

Recently our government has offered us quite a bit of help, even as far as money assistance.

Ive been thinking more about our government and our society and such.

I also think a lot about religions, prayers, and worship.

So these things mixed together in a idea, kind of a question.

Our USA government offers freedom to religion and I considered how far does that extend? Is there any unfair limit, or is it wholly perfect?

I am not claiming to yet know the answer but I have a question pending on it.

Recently a lot of people are being released from incarcerations due to legal movements and the pandemic.

It got me thinking about our family and that system that has been a little rough around the edges.

So the idea and question came about, how is our religious freedom while incarcerated?

I thought back throughout what I have been taught, seen on tv, and been told.

If my memory serves me properly, incarcerated people are allowed a religious service, I think once a week?

Well yes admittedly I am not sure, so I am pursuing learning.

The idea and question is related upon the petition site

Are incarecerated people allowed to have access to the 10 commandments and also can they post it on the wall of their cell.

I am not yet sure of the answer.

So I made a post on a legal forum with the question so I can learn.

I have no legal experience other than hearing and reading from others.

But, I do passionately love this family and our religions, as well as want to be a supporter of our government.

So if incarcerated individuals are not allowed to post the 10 commandments on their cell wall…

I am trying to learn if creating a petition could change that.

The idea is, it would help reform, hopefully causing people who would otherwise return to crime or bad to instead do good, also it would fill them with love, religion, and good emotions.

These things our family thrives on, our government as well.

I am really a novice in all this, but my passion is good, so I am possibly going to pursue doing it.

For right now I am awaiting teaching from the law forum about it.

Now is a question for you.

Feel free to comment the answer.

Is having the 10 commandments optional for inmate walls a good choice?

❤ Thank You For Reading, Much Love, I Will Keep You Updated On The Topic ❤

Another reminder for may 26th total lunar eclipse at night, a sight to see.

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